Despite all this crappy stuff that's been going on during 2016 it has taught me to celebrate small victories and to surround yourself with all the people you love. Last year I created a post entitled '2015 Best Blogging Bits' and absolutely loved throwing together my favourite posts from the past 12 months. It's a nice way of looking through your archive and seeing all that you have achieved in the year that's just about to pass you by in a moment.

I think 2016 has been my best blogging year (so far) and pulling this post together was actually really difficult. I have done loads of amazing things this year and I am incredibly proud of everything that I have managed to achieve. I feel like I am enjoying blogging and it's community so much more now. So with no further or do, grab yourself a cuppa and let's check out my 2016 Best Blogging Bits.

♦ JANUARY  My Experience of Online Dating
I started off a lot of my year with getting back into the swing of things and decided to share quite a personal post about how I met my current boyfriend. I really enjoy rereading it and realising how lucky I have been in finding someone like Jordan. I also loved reading the comments from other women who had met their boyfriend on dating sites too and I was assured it was nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.

♦ FEBRUARY *OX Pasture Hall, Scarborough
I couldn't not mention this post in my best blogging bits because it was one of my favourite trips myself and Jordan took this year. OX Pasture Hall is honestly the most beautiful getaway and I'm seriously considering booking it again for myself and Jordan next Valentines, we've had it on our list to revisit.

♦ MARCH 1 Year of Blogging, 23 Lessons Learnt
What better way to celebrate your first blogging birthday by reflecting on the 12 months you've spent writing on it. I loved writing this and giving out my own advice to fellow bloggers, we're all in it together!

♦ APRIL *Living with Your Boyfriend
I had been living with my boyfriend for around a year at this point and I had learnt a lot about the experience along the way so I wanted to share that with my readers. We now live in a different house to the one we initially moved to and we're so settled here so hopefully there isn't a change on the horizon any soon.

♦ MAY Carpe Diem Emmie - Q&A
I absolutely loved doing this Q&A post on my blog, I've always wanted to do another so I'm really hoping that I can do one during January as it was so much fun to write and do! It's such a fun way of engaging with your readers and sharing something different on your blog.

♦ JUNE  *Foodies Festival, Birmingham
One of the best events I attended in 2016 was Foodies Festival, it was a foodies heaven! I loved taking my blogging friend Steph from PricelessLifeOfMine. The weather was glorious and I got ridiculously sunburnt on my shoulders in the process, oops! This is an event I would definitely love to attend in 2017!

♦ JULY  25 Things I Know at 25
In 2016 I turned 25 (which makes me still feel really old!) and I really love using this blog to reflect on things in my life. This blog post was really good fun writing and I had great engagement from it, so must have gone down well!

I have been really enjoying attending various events thanks to this blog over the last 12 months but there's nothing like organising your own. I organised an event for 40 local bloggers back in August with the help of Kirstie from BehindTheScent and it was such a success! I can't wait to organise a couple more in 2017!

♦ SEPTEMBER Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Birmingham Hippodrome
Towards the end of 2016 I started to become more involved with writing theatre reviews, something I have always wanted to integrate more into my blog since 2016 began. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was my first review outside of Leicester so it definitely deserved a mention, plus it was an awesome production too! I can't wait to write a hell of a lot more reviews and stuff in 2017!

♦ OCTOBER End of Year Goals
I love setting myself goals, especially for this blog! It really motivates me and makes me work harder in producing the content I am proud of. I uploaded this End of Year Goals post and the response was great with so many readers sharing their own goals towards the end of 2016. I can't wait to give you an overview of my goals and show you what I'd like to achieve in 2017!

♦ NOVEMBER #ItsBrumas Festive Launch
There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit early then by sampling Bru Coffee's new menu! These guys are my absolute favourites, I spend a lot of time in their cafe and have built a great relationship with them during the past 12 months. If you're a fan of good cake and coffee, then head to Leicester and check these guys out!

♦ DECEMBER Grease, Curve Theatre, Leicester
Curve Theatre are also somebody who I have grown a great working relationship during 2016, even featuring in the programme of Grease this December with a article I wrote! So I knew I had to mention it, plus this review of their latest production of Grease has gained great engagement and I can't stop singing a lot of the Grease soundtrack!

I think 2016 has been such a fun year and I really cannot wait to see 2017 has in store for me and you my readers. What was your favourite post I wrote this year? I'd love to know!

thanks for reading,