I love saying hello to a New Year, it feels like the perfect opportunity to put aside the things you got so wrong in the previous year and to completely start a new. Obviously you're welcome to do this at any time during the year but it's become tradition to do it on January 1st and I embrace it completely.

I remember all the teenage years of my life dreading an upcoming New Year, I've always been a bit anxious to the unknown and couldn't unease myself to enjoy the opportunities a New Year brings along with it. Anyway now that 2017 has begun it's time to set new goals and also look back on the year that has passed us by.

I feel like 2016 has been one of my best years yet. It has come with great sadness with what has happening in the world and many idols passing away, a couple of people I know have passed away during this year too. However for me this year has felt very much like the year where I took the stuff that no longer served me any happiness and gave myself a whole bunch of new beginnings to pursue. I've come out the other end with a general feeling of content and excitement for what 2017 has to bring for me. Here are some of my highlights of the year;

  • Me and Jordan moved into our new home, we moved from house number 15 to house number 14, on the same street. 
  • I got a new job as a Teaching Assistant at a secondary school and I absolutely love it. 
  • Saw so many more shows this year and managed to start reviewing more shows on the blog in the process too.
  • Jordan surprised me with a Glamping weekend for my 25th birthday and it was the most well needed internet detox weekend I needed.
  • I organised a local blogger meet up for local bloggers in Leicester.
  • Jordan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary together.
  • A piece of my writing was featured in Curve Theatre's programme of Grease this winter. 
  • Took part in a Miss Saigon Singing Masterclass with Michael Xavier and Universal Pictures.
  • Worked with a lot of exciting brands for my blog.
  • Spent loads of time getting to know a lot more bloggers and building friendships. 
These are the 10 things that automatically come to mind when I wonder what I've achieved in the past 12 months, of course they aren't everything. Managing to feel more content and less anxious during 2016 is something that I want to continue well into 2017 and beyond. Learning to be this more positive, happy and appreciative woman is what I will strive to be everyday. 

2017 GOALS.
Deciding on goals for the next 12 months can be a tough task, I don't want to be cliche but I also don't want to set myself goals that are to out of reach, because what would be the point? I'm also not going to rattle my brain to root out the things that I want to achieve, if it's meant to be it will be.

2016 was an awesome year for me personally and in my career. It now leaves me  with even higher expectations of myself during 2017. I know 'blog' goals are always a pretty exciting things. 2017 will be the year I focus less on talking about numeric goals I'd like to achieve and more about actually enjoying writing and publishing the content that I feel excited about producing. I will leave those numeric goals for my own enjoyment.
  • Getting my Driving License.
  • Get more involved in charity work.
  • Spend more time with the friends that don't blog but are equally as important.
  • Read at least 40 books.
  • Go on holiday with Jordan.
  • Spend less money on clothes and coffee, save it more to go places.
  • Continue developing my photography.
  • Write regularly on my blog, keep content fresh.
  • Begin creating a scrapbook. 
  • Organise another meet up for local bloggers in the summer. 
There are also smaller goals like being better with what I eat, getting into better shape and feeling happy once again with the way I look. I really enjoy setting myself goals and revisiting this post will be enough to motivate and inspire me during the year.

So here we go, another year is starting and I don't know about you but I am more than ready for what 2017 has to bring with it. I don't celebrate as most people expect of a girl in their 20's. It'll be 10 years since I lost my Grandad so the last day of 2016 will be spent reflecting on a loss that shaped me massively into the person I have become.
I hope you'll hold your loved ones closer in 2017 and make it one of the best years yet. Thanks for one of the most exciting years I have had since I created this blog. It's thanks to you that I now get to pursue and produce so much new content. I wish all of you the best in 2017, let's do this!

thanks for reading,