I know how it feels to work over the Christmas period, it can drain you of all your festive spirit and make it impossible to get your shopping done in time. For the past few years I have always worked through the Christmas period, even spending some my Christmas Day's at work over the years. It's something I wouldn't wish on anybody to do, they are probably the least Christmas's I have enjoyed. I particularly remember last Christmas working 12-6 which meant I opened my presents pretty swiftly and scoffed down my Christmas dinner as quickly as possible so I could get into bed, I was shattered.

This year things are a lot different, I finished work on the 16th December which means I can fully embrace everything about Christmas this year with my friends and family.

However, there are still people working this Christmas period so it's them we should think about and spread them some Christmas joy this year! Especially think to those in the medical emergency services and such who make it their responsibility to take care of others and aren't spending it with their loved ones.

When Cotton Traders packed me up with one of the best packages I could probably have hoped for I couldn't wait to treat my work colleagues to some well earned treats in our last working week of 2016, we had staff wellbeing week at work so this was a great added bonus. I hope it'll encourage you to do the same before Christmas. It's just as important in the New Year too when we may need another pick me up as we go back to our daily work routine. It's also inspired me to make a little hamper that could be dropped off at the local hospital/caring home for those people this Christmas.

Because I work in a school, we've had a pretty long Winter Term and most of my colleagues were feeling pretty run down so I know that they really appreciated a few of these treats. Here are some simplistic ideas to spread some Christmas cheer in your workplace this month.

1. Play the Christmas Album, who doesn't enjoy a good sing song of the classics during breaks?!
2. Make yourself a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or a coffee infused with some syrup, because there's something about a satisfying hot drink.

3. Use some props to take some selfies, the Christmas styled ones I were sent are great fun!
4. Enjoy some biscuits or treats during break time to go along with your hot drink.

5. Send Christmas cards to your colleagues and arrange a drink after work one day, good company is always a positive thing!

How are you spreading Christmas Cheer at work this year?  

You can hear more about Cotton Trader's Making Christmas Warmer for Workers campaign by following the link.

thanks for reading,
*The Christmas Care package was provided by Cotton Traders as part of their Making Christmas Warmer for Workers campaign.  Photos and opinions are my own.