I love festive drinks. If you can't reach for an alcoholic beverage in the evening during winter then these are the next best option and are great for those who may not enjoy the alcoholic beverage. I really enjoy testing out as many various festive drinks from different brands as I can and finding new alternatives to the popular coffee shop products we've come to know during the winter.

I have picked out my top 4 of the many drinks I have tried and would definitely recommend these individually for any of those who enjoy a festive hot drink just as much as I do.

Jimmy's Gingerbread Iced Coffee is a fab alternative to a hot coffee this season, especially in the milder days of this season you can enjoy your coffee fix with a hint of festive-ness still in there too! I think this is the perfect combination of gingerbread and coffee that isn't too sweet and sickly like I have seen from brands in the past. It's a comforting blend and is a great travel size for on the go, definitely a go to during your commute this winter!

T2's Mulled Wine Magic infused tea has definitely been my go to product this festive season, with it even making my November Favourites! If you're a big fan of Mulled Wine during this time of year (I know I am) then you would definitely enjoy this infusion from T2. It contains all the traditional ingredients of a mulled wine; apple, hibiscus, cinnamon, orange wedges, star anise to name a few and even comes without the concern of a hangover afterwards, result!  

It's such a quick and easy drink to make too, so great for those quick fix of a hot drink when you come in from the outdoors. It's a great drink to enjoy with friends so I would definitely check T2 and in particular this product out. 

Cherizena Coffee do an amazing array of coffee products during the year, always keeping up with the passing seasons and they do Christmas flavours well. The two that stood out to me above the rest that I were sent to try were without a doubt Chocolate Orange and the Christmas Coffee, I also think that these coffees would make the perfect gifts for fellow coffee lovers for Christmas. 

The Christmas Coffee is one that my friend Kirstie said was an absolute hit with her and her family last year so knew I would probably enjoy it too. This coffee is their most popular limited edition flavour, it's Colombian medium roast coffee is infused with Jamaican rum, nuts, citrus and spices. All of the flavours and scents that sit so well alongside this season. Cherizena have left no stone unturned with their products, offering them in both bean or ground coffee form. You can also purchase it both regular and decaffeinated, nobody will be able to miss out on a product like this.

When we think of Chocolate Orange it usually resonates with the love for Terry's chocolate over Christmas and I think they would love Cherizena's blend just as much! In this product they have taken their Colombian beans and infused them with the rich flavour of chocolate and added a tangy orange taste to help. There are no added sugars, syrups or coatings making their flavours as fresh and of the finest quality as possible. This product is also available as regular or decaffeinated. 

Are there any festive coffees you have been enjoying this season?

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*Product review samples. Photos and opinions are my own.