This year I want to try a new instalment on the blog. I'm not sure how long it'll last because we all know that my motivation can be swept under the carpet in a flash! In recent months I have been absolutely loving Instagram, it's an app I've really connected with and developing my following on there has been lots of fun. We all know it is a struggle to deal with the ongoing issue of followers who follow and unfollow us regularly but I just enjoy taking photos and sharing them regardless of the follower count and likes on an image.

So I've decided to look through this month's feed of photos on my Instagram and choose 5 which captured January for me and to tell you more about them is as minimal characters as possible, challenge accepted!

01 January: small bit of PDA to kickstart the year. I was happy to have Jordan back after he spent Christmas at his hometown of Belfast, this is our 3rd New Year together. We began the year with a massive lie in before the most delicious roast dinner.

02 January: I shared the 10 shows that made 2016 on my blog, it's one of my most popular posts of 2017 already! I have loved the shows I've already seen this month. 

20 January: I love watching DVDs and have made it my own mission to take time to watch more this year, this image shows a few of my Musical DVDs in my collection. 

13 January: I have absolutely loved a month full of time without the influence of SM and with everything going on in the world, I have enjoyed the escape. These are some of my favourites this month, plenty have been added to the list since this photo was taken! 

21 January: I was took on a tour around the Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. It was incredibly insightful and it definitely made me want to perform again in the future. I can't wait to share my experience with you on the blog soon!

What did you capture on Instagram this month? Remember to follow me on Instagram: @carpediememmie 

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