I have been loving sharing my 'monthly favourites' with you on this blog over the past year. I have been enjoying giving you my honest recommendations of some of the things you've got to check out for yourself. I also thoroughly enjoy making an effort of reading these kind of posts at the end of each month through over bloggers and I genuinely do try out a lot of things from these kind of posts.

However, these posts are also one of the hardest things for me to write. I never seem to feel inspired by their layout or content so I've decided to go with more of a 'list' format and having 5/6 things to talk about. December is my favourite month, number 1 because it's Christmas and that's my favourite celebration of the year. 2 because I find that this the month I watch more, read more and definitely drink and eat a lot more. I've definitely had some big decisions to make on the things I wanted to share with you on the blog.

The Girl on The Train, by Paula Hawkins
I'm ridiculously delayed in the hype of this book so I decided to finally give it a read over the festive period. I realised what I had been missing. It's one of the most thrilling, struggle to put down books that I have read throughout 2016 and I loved it's plotline. I found myself trying to figure out everything that was going to happen before it even did and this made it for more enjoyable read. Make sure it's on your 2017 reading list if you haven't already.

Grease, Curve Theatre, Leicester
I've seen a variety of shows during December, mostly being pantomimes. Whilst I am a huge fan of pantomimes during this time of year there's one production that has had me singing and dancing ever since. Curve's production of Grease is visually one of the best productions I have seen Curve produce in 2016 and Nick Winston's choreography is something you don't want to miss. I was lucky enough to see this production twice, once for a press night and the second with the school I work at, there was still so much to see from it! I also had a piece of my writing featured in this programme, what could be a more awesome way to end the year? 

How To Be Single DVD
I absolutely love a good chick flick film to watch whenever I'm home alone or enjoying a well deserved pamper evening for myself and How To Be Single is a film that I am now raving about to all my girl friends. It's about a young woman who searches for love in New York City, it's a romantic comedy based on the novel by Liz Tuccillo and was produced by Drew Barrymore. What I really loved about this was very female actor in the film was someone you enjoyed watching and it was a real girl power feel film. It reminded me of how exciting life was when I was single too. I now can't wait to watch it over and over again in the future.

Christmas at Chatsworth House, Derby
During Christmas I make it part of my goals to do as many Christmas activities as possible and these can be quite difficult as you grow older. However one of the things I thoroughly enjoyed during December and will be definitely doing again is visiting Chatsworth House. They had it dressed to the theme of the Nutcracker and it was so bloody and festive, that you didn't need to be a younger person to fully immerse yourself within the atmosphere. It gave me tons of inspiration for my Christmas Tree next year too!

Peppermint Stick Candle, DW Home
The saddest part of saying goodbye to Christmas for me is pretty much the taking down of the decorations and the withdrawal of Christmas scented candles. I have obtained a pretty impressive collection of candles during December and I still have some that I will be saving for next Christmas (hopefully save more money in the process this way!). DW Home do some of my favourite scents and have easily become a favourite candle brand in 2016. This Peppermint Stick Candle I purchased from TK Mass smells so good and has been my go to during December. It's scent fills the room with a real light and fresh scent, which is a perfect comparison to some of the heavier scents you can during this season.

What have you been enjoying in December?

thanks for reading,