I'm so relieved that January is over, now can the temperatures go up slightly? I've spent the majority of this month confided to curling up in the biggest of blankets and I want some warmth please! With that in mind, it has definitely been a month of self care and reflection (very much like December felt for me in realisation) and with Trump now in office you definitely wish the world was a safer place to live in.

Finding what I've enjoyed this month has been a difficult list to put together. I have read more books than usual, used a lot of different products (mainly ones I had for a while but never seemed to touch) and spent a lot of time having time away from the media world. It's been refreshing and I definitely want to continue this well into 2017, especially as it means I'm saving money. So here's my first 2017 favourites, My January 2017 List. I feel like these will also become a bigger list during the months, you'll have to bare with me.

The Play That Goes Wrong, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
I am already on a roll this year with the great theatre I'm able to see through this blog but one performance in particular has stood out this month. That being Mischief Theatre's production of The Play That Goes Wrong. I found it absolutely hilarious and so easy to watch that I didn't want it to finish as quickly as it did! They're currently touring around the UK so it is well worth a visit, I can't wait to see it in March when it comes to Leicester's Curve Theatre!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.
This month you would have probably seen that I have been on a roll with my reading list, HOORAY! I hope this isn't me jeopardising it into the rest of 2017! One book in particular was my favourite this month, that is Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic. I feel so inspired by someone who perfectly sums up the idea of creativity and how we should pursue it to the best of our ability completely. I would urge everyone to read this book sometime this year!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch 7 Season Boxset. 
I love watching some good throwback TV, it's my go to on rainy days. I remember watching Sabrina very vividly when I was younger, I even remember the magazine subscription that came out, I collected it all. So I did buy the entire boxset just after Christmas and over January I have loved watching it in the evenings or under my duvet on a Sunday! If you loved this programme as much as I do then make sure you get it, it only cost me £21!

New Look Homeware Range
I love searching for new places that sell great homeware products, especially affordable ones. I'm true to my love for TK Maxx and it will also be a place that I love discovering. However, earlier this month someone on Twitter mentioned that New Look's new homeware was even better than before and they were not wrong! I brought a couple of things one being my little plant (which looks like a pineapple!) that is fake so I don't have to worry about keeping it alive as well as a baby pink mug which I use religiously for my morning brew. The entire collection is so affordable and great for those Instagram/Blog photos! Make sure you go and check those out.

Me and Jordan managed to get out for a date night this month and decided on heading to our local Cineworld and watching the movie that most people have been hyping about, LaLaLand. As a big lover of Musicals it was obvious that I would want to check out the film and I was not disappointed. I loved it references to older musicals like Singin' In The Rain, Grease and West Side Story as well as many more! It was such a lovely film to watch, I absolutely agree that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were perfectly cast for the production. My heart did break a little at the end, I'm very much looking forward to adding it to my Musical DVD collection later in the year!

Silent Witness, BBC One.
I have been loving thriller things this month and in particular Silent Witness with is a series currently on BBC One. I just love trying to figure out what's happened before we actually see the conclusion and the plotlines of this series have been incredible so far!

I feel like I could have mentioned so much more this month but I will leave that for February when I'll be back to talk more favourites with you. What have you enjoyed in January?

thanks for reading,