I don’t know about you but January and Winter in general has a huge effect on your mental health. I have found that during the last couple of months, especially since December my own anxiety is the worse it has been in a long time. I know I’m not alone in this and sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to feel more positive when you’re feeling like there is so much bringing it down. I recently read the February issue of Glamour and was struck by their article entitled The Positivity Project and thought that it was the perfect way of banishing the pressure of your resolutions in place of operation happiness, putting you and your mental health first.

It’s helped me to create my own individual positivity project in the process. Not only will this be useful in January but throughout the whole year and hopefully by sharing it with you, you’ll use it to create your own too. The mental state of ourselves would be far better if we were all a bit more positive, and so would the world. So, here we go..

1. Get Organised aka sort your s*** out.
It's January so if you haven't already done this, what are you doing? I feel so refreshed once my mind feels more organised so January is the best month to get yourself prepared for the year ahead. Grab your diary and notebook, and get to it. 

2. Read a book.
January is the best month for getting some of those books ticked off your reading list and staying indoors from the miserable January weather. Also apparently reading for 6 minutes a day can reduce stress by 68%. 

3. Message a friend.
Who doesn't enjoy seeing a notification from their friend and especially when it's spontaneous. So, why not spread that? Before you go to work, during your lunch break or on your morning commute send 5 of your friends a message. It can be as little or large as you wish.

4. Help change the world in one minute. 
This is the one from the Glamour's Positivity Project article that I definitely wanted to share with my readers. Why don't you pop over to change.org and sign a petition you care about, gofundme.com to donate to a fundraising drive. It's the little things we can contribute to that make us feel so good. 

5. Sit in a coffee shop.
Order yourself a cup of tea/hot chocolate or whatever you fancy, sit in a coffee shop and immerse yourself in a book or do some blog work. I sometimes feel like sitting in a coffee shop makes you more productive than sitting on your sofa at home.

6. Try 'Box Breathing'
If you are feeling anxious during January or overwhelmed by it all picture the outline of a square and do this exercise. Breathe in for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, and with empty lungs count to four. This technique from wellness expert Louise Padmore is a simple but effective exercise.

7. Have a clearout.
There's nothing like a good clear out, especially after Christmas. You can stick on some tunes whilst your doing it and have a little boogie if you'd like.

8. Buy a sandwich/coffee for a stranger.
We all have the time to spend a couple of quid to buy a stranger a hot drink or a bite to eat, especially in this colder weather. I also think it's the perfect pick me up for them, they're human too. 

9. Set yourself small goals.
Grab your notebook and set yourself a daily goal, whether that's doing half hour of exercise, reading a chapter in your latest read. Whatever it is, set your daily goals and then celebrate with a small celebration dance when you have accomplished them. 

10. Listen to podcasts/music.
I have quite a few Spotify playlists, especially one for those days when I don't feel 100%. I love natural sounds too, but yes definitely create a positive, uplifting playlist of your favourites. Also, why not listen to some podcasts?! I've got loads I'd like to listen to this year so I'm sure I'll share my favourites with you once I've discovered them.

11. Watch a TV Series Set. 
If it's not music, then grab your loved one (or even your own company is good) and watch a TV Series. There are so many available on Netflix, I'm personally excited for The Series of Unfortunate Events that will be on Netflix mid-January. I also enjoy watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch boxset I treated myself to after Christmas.

12. Arrange a coffee date with your friends.
Once you’ve got yourself organised, arrange to go for coffee with your friends. There’s nothing like going out with those whose company you enjoy the most.

13. Wear comfy clothes.
Enjoy wearing some comfortable clothing. Get yourself in your favourite sweatpants and jumper.

14. Compliment somebody.
As a blogger this is something which is definitely important to do more of this year. Find a good thing in everybody! I enjoy using some of my time writing some blog comments, so if you don’t already then make sure you do this.

15. Develop your skills.
Why not teach somebody you know what your good at? Being organised, motivated, photography? Share it with those around you and then gain a skill from them in return.

16. Take the 21-day gratitude challenge.
Record one thing you’re grateful for each day for three weeks. You can log this in your phone or notebook. You can also look back on it on those days when you’re not feeling so positive. Research says it can improve your mood, sleep and energy! There’s loads of great apps out there that do such thing for you to use.

17. Have a picture of your crush in your phone.
Mines Tom Hardy! 

What's on your positivity project? I hope you have an awesome, positive year.

thanks for reading,