Valentines is here and whether you like it or not, it's pretty impossible to avoid the day altogether. Not purely down to the fact that I am in a relationship but I really enjoy Valentines. I think it's proper cute and when your life becomes busy it can become difficult to switch off to spend time with the someone you love, even though we do do this regularly it's still one date in the diary we know we will spend together. Plus if your single, this is the perfect day to have a good session treating yourself and pampering until your hearts content because as one of my favourite Sex and the City quote states;

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well, that's just fabulous.
Actually talking about it I haven't watched any Sex and the City in forever, currently taking a mental note to watch this very soon. I definitely wanted to write a 'Valentines inspired' post this year as it's something I usually avoid as not to get all mushy on everyone (because nobody needs that). However what I am good at is researching some ideas for Valentines and I've collected all of these in one post to give you some ideas on what you can do this year.

01. Trip to the Theatre
There's so much good productions in theatre's at the moment that you'd be silly to miss out on some of the stuff out there during the month of love. I'll be watching the hit film to stage adaption of The Wedding Singer at the Curve Theatre but there's a show that I definitely wish I could see this Valentines.

The Arts Theatre in London are showing Dirty Great Love Story. It follows two hopeful, romantics who get drunk, get it on and then get the hell away from one another. In her eyes, he's a mistake. A mistake who keeps turning up at parties. In his eyes, she's perfect. He's short-sighted. This funny romantic catastrophe of good intentions and bad timing that asks, can a one night stand a lifetime?
Follow @DirtyGreatLove on Twitter to find out more!

02. Fill out a Journal together
I recently purchased the journal '642 Things About You (That I Love)' from Waterstones and think it's such a unique and quirky gift that you could sit and fill out with a glass of wine over Valentine's day. I am not into the picture journals that couples create together so this is an alternative that is fun and easy to do together, we've already filled a few pages out of ours because we're enjoying it that much!

03. Dress up, go out for dinner
Probably the most popular form of Valentine's activity, going out for dinner. There's nothing nicer than putting on your make up, including a good red lip and wearing something nice for a dinner date. It's the one time when as a blogger you don't have to take a zillion pictures of food to write about, or pop a picture on snapchat/instagram so it looks like you actually did something!

It's the perfect occasion to switch off your phone and enjoy some quality time together. I've loved dining at Carluccio's, Cafe Rouge and Coast to Coast recently so if your still stuck for ideas where to go then I would definitely check out their menus.

04. Movie Night indoors.
There is nothing more romantic than making a fort with your sofas and tons of blankets and cushions before watching some films. Especially so when the weather is so miserable outside and you couldn't even think of leaving the comfort of your home. I absolutely love watching romantic films this time of year so definitely going to be bringing together my favourites to watch with Jordan.

You can also make yourself a little buffet of nibbles with popcorn, nachos, chocolates etc and topped off with some prosecco (for obvious reasons!)

05. Do something active.
This is definitely something I wish I had planned for Valentine's this year, just annoying that it fulls on a weekday! Why not go out and do an activity together that you've never done before or been desperate to tick off your list?! There's so much stuff out there to do these days including Trampoline Parks (one has recently opened near me so I need to take a visit pronto), Go Karting or even better explore a new city/town together. And even if it is miserable weather I'm sure you can find a coffee shop to sit in to get warm!

What are your plans for Valentine's this year?

thanks for reading,