2017 is definitely a year where I want to listen to my body more and look after it, since university I haven't listened to it enough meaning the pounds have piled on and the relationship I have with my body has become more and more negative. Hopefully things are about to change as I've caught wind that this year at the beginning of June called FloVibe and I'm really excited for it.

The FloVibe Festival will bring together the wellness and new music in a weekend that will provide discovery for the mind, body and soul. It promises to be the summer's best festival for everyone wishing to live a happier and healthier life.

This festival is part of an exciting, developing movement that has been taking hold within society that people are making more choices to prioritise wellness into their everyday life by making small changes. The festival-goers can ditch the wellies and the muddy tents (as much as that does look like great fun) and are invited to play, to dance to the new music and to flow. They have an opportunity to reconnect with their inner child before summer begins.

Jason Pooley, FloVibe’s Founder, says: “​We’re bringing together a bit of everything we love: inspiring international yoga teachers, movers & shakers, workshop leaders, speakers, free thinkers, musicians, artists and DJs. It’s more than a weekend away, it’s an opportunity to explore a mindful approach to life where you don’t have to compromise on enjoyment. 

Whilst the festival in on a much smaller scale to the likes of Glastonbury, it has a big vision for 2017 and will be hosted at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. 

It's time for us to recognise the importance of well-being and head over to the FloVibe Festival in June 2017.

thanks for reading,
Collaboration post with FloVibe Festival. All words and pictures featured in this post are my own.