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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Emmie Talks | 5 Reasons I Gave Up On Youtube.

I don't know if you know but in 2016 I decided to bite the bullet and begin uploading videos to YouTube and within a couple of months, I stopped. I had intentions of vlogging every month of my life for a year, but I did two months then decided it wasn't for me. The last time I uploaded was before Christmas in a 'Exciting Blog Stuff' vlog and I just fell out of love with the platform. Lots of my friends do YouTube and really succeed with it, managing to do everything that goes along with YouTube as well as balancing the blog and it's own commitments. 

YouTube is great for many things, it's definitely fun to do, you get to document parts of your life to look back on at a later date and being able to share your thoughts about something without writing a lengthy blog post. There's 5 reasons I gave up on YouTube and I don't know why but I feel inspired to chat about it with you because so many different people ask why I stopped so here we go. I also wonder if anyone else has experienced this..

My biggest YouTube dragon was without a doubt time. When you have a full time job, a blog as well as blog events to attend (here's me sounding very popular!) and scheduling to deal with trying to also balance filming and editing for YouTube is pretty much impossible in my life. Ever the perfectionist too I struggled with being happy with the content I would produce and would upload it only to feel really disheartened by the end result.

Also trying to film a video in a window of around an hour without getting frustrated with turning your office upside down to make it into a 'aesthetically pleasing filming place' was too much for me to cope with. If there was more hours in the day then I would have no reason to complain but I am so. Also whenever I finish work at the moment I don't really fancy looking presentable just to film a video, just saying.

The price of some editing software is a nightmare, finding the affordable software that you'd utilise too and use enough of it to be a great asset is a big must for me too. Even if I did have good editing software I still would have some kind of struggle with watermarks and great editing tools.

I think about my life and the internet more frequently than ever. I'm so aware of it consuming all of my private life until there isn't much 'privacy' left for me to enjoy. I feel like not doing YouTube and just primarily focusing on my blog means that I can still have some kinda privacy, I can still enjoy some of those times with my friends and family without having to 'video' everything, plus my life is pretty boring 90% of the time.

Another thing is when you work in a school too it's already risky business sticking up loads of stuff on YouTube in case a kid stumbles on it and it gets brought up. It's really important for my self awareness to have a level of responsibility and professionalism, I pride myself on that. 

There's so many bloggers out there giving YouTube a go, producing a lot of the same tagged videos and content that I struggle to be individual. I think it's awesome what others manage to do in producing YouTube and have enough respect for that but a demo video of a 'Lush' bathbomb or a Primark haul aren't what inspire me. 

It's the same with blogging but developing your following and engagement takes time and consistency of which I have limited space for in my daily routine. There's plenty of awesome RT accounts on Twitter to build some form of 'audience' but let's face it, it's not that easy. I was happy to reach over 100 subscribers in a matter of months but I couldn't keep up with trying to build everything at once whilst managing everything else.

I do miss producing content on YouTube and did have an entire list of ideas but life has been rather peachy without it too. Who knows I may turn on the camera and record something over the Summer months but right now focusing on this blog is my main priority.

Tell me if you use YouTube or whether you've had the same kind of problems with YouTube, I would love to hear them.

thanks for reading,


  1. This is really interesting, as I'm personally becoming more YouTube-obsessed by the day. My editing software is awful and that does bring me down, but I love filming and editing videos so much. I do agree that it feels like a lot more of you is on display to the public when you vlog, compared to blogging. It's a hard line to walk. At the moment, I only pick rare certain days to vlog on though I am quite concerned about now revealing too much about where I live and work. Some things are meant to stay private!

    Lisa |

    1. Yeah there's a definite line between vlogginng and your own personal life, that's for you to decide what works for you best. I'm not using this post to speak up negatively about YT but it's just not for me :) xx

  2. This is a really interesting read. As someone who has been blogging in one way or another for 13 years, I can't help wondering if I'll fall behind if I don't pick up on 'new' trends, such as YouTube, Snapchat and Insta Stories. I'm a writer and very self-conscious, so the idea of featuring my face/voice in video content is incredibly intimidating but I worry that if I don't give it a go I'll be missing a trick. I even rarely feature photographs of myself on my blog - my kid is much cuter than me! Hopefully there will always be a place for 'traditional' blogging.

  3. Starting a YouTube channel was on my 'to-do' list for so long as I felt it was just the natural progression and what I *should* be doing. Now I've accepted that it's just not something I have the time for, it's actually much nicer to be able to focus on my blog and social accounts without that guilt hanging over me! We don't all have time for all platforms, so just do what suits you best - like you say, you can always go back to it at any time :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  4. I know exactly what you mean about time - it's why I don't upload to my channel as often as I would like! I tend to film and then edit it another day and sometimes I leave it a couple of weeks before even uploading. It's such a time consuming process that people don't understand until they have done it themselves. Great post with some awesome points! Maybe one day you'll be back on YouTube :) thanks for sharing! Ellis x //


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