This month I hit 3,500 followers on Instagram which I am thoroughly proud of and whilst I haven't probably posted on the platform as much as I had hoped this month. I've put together 6 pictures from Instagram for this month's instalment of snippets from the month that's gone by, usually I would try and categorise them to only provide 1 picture from a particular theme but instead I've thrown together the 6 snippets I love above the rest. I am going to try and schedule a photo on Instagram everyday in March, stop the slack!
I have absolutely loved reading Mara Wilson's Where I Am Now, having an insight into her life as a child actor and the effect it had on her once those film cameras stopped rolling. I also enjoyed having so many people ask me about this book whilst I was reading it on my commute to and from work.

I headed to London this month with my mum where we were fortunate to watch Amber Riley perform at The Savoy Theatre in Dreamgirls. It was definitely one of the best west end productions I have ever seen.

Another trip to the theatre this month was to see the premiere of The Wedding Singer UK Tour at the Curve Theatre in Leicester. It was such an enjoyable watch and as someone who really enjoys the 80s, especially the films and music this was right down my street.

Another great read from this month was Ctrl Alt Delete: How I Grew Up Online by Emma Gannon. I explain so much more about this book in my February reads, I absolutely loved it. I find myself listening to Emma's fabulous podcast every weekend now, they're great for some girl boss motivation.

I had to capture a picture of the red rose Jordan brought me for Valentine's it's also got me very excited for the release of the Disney feature film in March. I know I'm not the only one who's hoping they do the story justice!

I've got an exciting collaboration blog post coming up in March that features me showing you some images from around my city of Leicester. I really enjoyed walking around on my own capturing the images, especially one like this one where I captured King Richard III. I would honestly urge everyone to take time doing this, I definitely want to do more of that in March.

What have you enjoyed doing this month?

thanks for reading,