"You can't stop the future. You can't rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret... is to press play"

If your a fan of binge watching on Netflix then New Netflix Original 13 Reasons Why was recently released, 31st March to be exact. The book itself was published in 2007 by Jay Asher. It's an emotive read centring around the death of 17 year old Hannah Baker to suicide. Hannah was bullied, slut-shamed, scapegoated and relegated to the school pariah as her status. She tells her story via 13 cassettes, accounting every reason why she died. Her secrets buried with her, her voice on the tapes that will even involve a boy in the reason for this tragedy, a boy called Clay Jenson who had hidden a small crush on Hannah.

This book has been very much on my to do list for the past few years, even on my Goodreads to read list (which is my favourite book site for recommendations by the way!) and now there's a new Netflix series from the book I should probably hurry up and read it, Penguin saved the day by sending me a copy to get my teeth into in April so wait for that review coming up soon. 

I've read numerous reviews of this book, most people enjoyed it whilst some others just didn't understand it's hype. I suppose that's what leaves me more intrigued to read it. I suppose your wondering how I like to wind down with a book, so you'll find me in my reading place which is usually the sofa or my bed with a cup of tea and my book in hand. 

13 Reasons Why touches on the raw and difficult topics like mourning, regret and culpability, by the mystery is the main thread of thought.

I'm sure like me your going to be hooked to this series on Netflix, it'll be your binge watch of April and I would totally recommend giving the book a read too whilst your at it.

Have you read 13 Reasons Why or have you began watching the series on Netflix? Let me know.

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