In a challenge to be more productive outside of the blogging scope, spending more time with my head more into reading something that scrolling social media seems to be the perfect antidote at the end of the day. Magazines sometimes feel 'out of date', a thing of the past and something not a lot of people spend their time reading these days. With the digital age people find it a hell of a lot easier to read topics their interested in online, because they are so quick and easy to access but also because magazines can be full of advertisements which leaves little actual writing structure to the publication. 

I still read quite a lot of magazines, I find them so aesthetically pleasing and when I just want a quick read of something different from my latest novel then magazines are the solution to that. 

Recently I have collected together a few of my favourite magazines to show you, some are old and some are new favourites but all in all magazine publications that I would hand on heart recommend for my fellow bloggers to get stuck into. They are also great props for that blogger flatlay too. 

Blogosphere Magazine
This is the one publication that most bloggers need to get their mitts on if they haven't done so already. Blogosphere is now in it's 4th year since it's beginning back in 2013 and serves as an essential for bloggers to get some inspiration, understanding in the blogging community but also to find new blogs to explore and love. I've got my hands on every magazine from it's beginning and to see how it's developed into quite a chunky publication is pretty damn awesome! 

As I don't engage in a lot of Fashion or Beauty blogging on a daily basis the magazine definitely serves as a purpose for me to do that with the recommendations of some much loved blogging individuals in those specific niches I don't dip my toes into. I've also had a couple of my tweets and Instagram photos published in the pages of this publication too! The founder of the magazine Alice is also super duper lovely and very supportive of each blogger individually and in a community that continues to expand it's good to know that somebody has your back. 

Debut Magazine
This magazine is a new love of mine after discovering it through Jemma's (Dorkface) blog a while back. It's described as the UK's first career and lifestyle magazine highlighting women in the media and creative industries and I absolutely love it. The issue I picked up recently was focused on the topic of self-love and it does just that in it's focus on girl power, confidence and positive vibes in their short interviews with like minded girl bosses out there. 

The publication is quite small and easy to carry around with you, it's also full of beautiful imagery too. One part of the magazine I particularly loved was their playlist page were they share what to put on when it's time to get moving, I now have every song on that page in my motivation playlist. It is £4.50 an issue which can seem a bit on the pricey side but I can assure you that it is well worth the purchase. 

If there's anything that is a good shout, then it's a free magazine which contains the latest news and gossip about the music industry. NME is a fab free magazine that is released weekly, small in size but perfect to pick up with enough content for your daily commute. Whenever I'm in the city centre I will make sure to pop by my HMV store and grab the latest issue I can get my hands on. It contains some great little reviews on the latest releases too and gives you a round up of the week's best gigs. If you love Music then definitely give this a read. 

This is the most pricey magazine I got my hands on, the OH COMELY publication started as the bedroom project of three university friends which is now being produced by a small publishing house. It focuses on stories, film, music, fashion, mischief and ideas, becoming the perfect publication for women to dive into. I loved the topics within the magazine, each of which really sit well with me and engage me completely. I love at the beginning of the issue there is a short phrase of words, in the issue I recently purchased it's focal point was strength and I really enjoyed it. I also love their feature on what they're reading, including Roald Dahl's Matilda which was music to my ears. This magazine feels very much relevant, I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future even with their price tag. 

They do have a blog that you can pop along to were some of their magazine articles are actually transferred into blog form for you to enjoy, however I urge you get the real thing in paper form. It's also a great magazine that could live happily on your coffee table for visitors to enjoy whilst you go and make them a cuppa.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Cosmopolitan, I don't always 100% agree with the topic they write about and the way in which it's written but it always seems to end up in my hand, especially when it's only being sold for £1. However what I do like about reading Cosmo is their section 'Self Made' which focuses on a girl boss and how they obtained their career, it's the one page that I always flick straight to when I get hold of the magazine. Also a lot of magazines like Cosmo get stick for the amount of advertisements within it's pages, I definitely agree that they are far too many and it is probably why I don't enjoy the magazine as much as I could do. This magazine is better suited to the fashion and beauty bloggers out there, or the occasional lifestyle blogger. 

Glamour is very much like Cosmopolitan for me when it comes to these kind of magazines, it's content can be on point and very enjoyable whilst on other occasions it can be off the mark and I'll lose interest in the issue rapidly. I definitely enjoy reading Glamour for it's latest news and article on the hottest trends, from make up, hair and beauty so that if your like me and barely read bloggers who deliver this content then Glamour is a great quick fix for the latest. Whilst also again this is a publication that has a lot of advertisements within it, it also has some great sample products for you to try in it which are great if your looking for the latest beauty product to purchase. This magazine is definitely suited towards fashion and beauty bloggers to enjoy.

Being a huge fan of movies I've been on the lookout for the perfect magazine solution to get my fix of the latest Movie news and also some features on TV & Streaming too, especially if your a huge lover of Netflix too! Empire is reasonably priced for it's quality in content, even more so if your wondering whether to see that film you've seen on TV recently. I know I need honest pre-reviews on some films I want to go and see so Empire is definitely a reliable source for that. Movie fans will really enjoy this magazine if they don't so already, I really like their specific features on films too, developing some understanding into how they're able to create big blockbuster films in various locations. I really enjoyed my first issue of Empire so will be definitely purchasing it again in the future. 

Tell me if there's any magazines you enjoy, if they're not on this list then definitely give me some recommendations to check out. I'm thinking of beginning to do some reviews on specific issues I read to give a more in depth overview of what I've enjoyed and not so etc etc. 

thanks for reading,