I'm going to apologise that my March list is late this month, the only excuse that I have is that March has been so busy and I've spent a lot of time off SM therefore I'm not in the swing of this whole blog business again just yet. March has been an awesome month, it takes with it the beginning of Brexit (urgh) as well as more horrific news. 

I attempt to look at what positives the month has brought. There has been some great blog opportunities which has seen me go behind the scenes at a big UK Tour musical production, a few trips to the theatre as well as a good month for reading again! I've decided that April will definitely be more of a month to unwind, relax and not be so caught up on doing so much stuff that I become exhausted. I've spent way too much of my weekends zonking out at 7pm until the next day because I'm that tired. I also have an amazing holiday opportunity this month so bring on April 10th! Let's have a look at what I've been loving this month, there's quite a few so let's get cracking! 

If I haven't been listening to my usual music choice of Musical soundtracks or 80's throwback then one album has definitely been played on repeat on both my commute to work and in the car. Ed Sheeran's Divide released at the very beginning of March and has an amazing impact on the UK charts too. I absolutely love listening to Supermarket Flowers, Hearts Don't Break Around Here and Barcelona. I've also loved listening to the Billy Elliot Musical soundtrack because it is the absolute bomb!

I have been attempting to try out new make up brush brands this year in an attempt to find the perfect one for me so when Beau Belle Brushes asked if I'd like to be sent some I jumped at the chance. They have a whole range of different brushes with different ends, from blogger friendly Rose Gold to the smart Black designs that I was sent. In the kit I managed to get around 8 brushes, of which I have no idea what to do with any of yet but the ones I have used are really user friendly and easy to wash too (always important!)

Another beauty product which I have been reaching for regularly this month is the Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask which I purchased from Superdrug. After hearing a lot about this mask from bloggers I decided to give it a shot, it's been the product I reach for every Sunday evening when I have a pampering session before a week at work. It's quite messy to apply but job's done in a few minutes, feels pretty damn good when you take it off too. I think the mask is a pretty affordable and long lasting product too.

I've spent quite a lot of time at the Theatre during March (no complaints because I love what I do!) but two shows in particular stand above the rest this month. First up was the UK Tour of Billy Elliot the Musical at Birmingham Hippodrome, I loved it that much I went and saw it for a second time just recently still loving it as much as I did the first time. Second show was Rent which was also a UK Touring production but as equally awesome. Rent is hands down one of my favourite musicals of all time and still is after watching the UK Touring production. I'll leave those links if you fancy having a read of what I thought to them. I also had the opportunity to see Cirque Du Soleil perform at Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, it was incredible!

I need to write down a list of my favourite TV shows for you because I have been loving a good TV binge in the evenings just recently, especially during March. Broadchurch is back on ITV with it's third series and oh boy it's bloody good! I also rekindled my love for Dance Moms by completing season 7. Oh also Made in Chelsea and TOWIE are back which are my guilty pleasures, all round happy TV person at the moment.

I've managed to read 5 months this book as well as the addition of some magazines too this month! I have a post lined up either whilst I'm on holiday in a week's time or the week after where I will share what magazines I am completely obsessed with, here's a run down of what I've loved this month;

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 9
Debut Magazine Issue 2
The Break Down - B A Paris

If you've been living under a rock this month then just to give you a heads up but Disney's live feature film adaptation of it's classic Beauty and The Beast was amazing! It was my favourite Disney film growing up so whilst I was a bit apprehensive on whether I'd enjoy what they had done with it I was pleasantly surprised and definitely felt in my element singing and talking along, then bursting out into tears a couple of times. It's so magical, I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.

I'm really effing proud of some of the content I produced over March so I've decided to share some of my blog posts which stand above the rest for you to check out if you haven't done already,

What have you been enjoying in March? 
thanks for reading,