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This year I'm attempting to document every film that I watch, leaving a small review with each and I believe there's a whole host of other bloggers doing the same. Why not because films are great, I enjoy them at the cinema just as much as I do from the comfort of my sofa on a rainy day. In a bid to be spending less money each month I want to work my way through my DVD cupboard (it's a hefty collection let me tell you) and just in general do some movie-esque reviews! Being a Culture blogger this fits in perfectly within my niche.

17 Again (2009) 
17 Again is a  easy to follow, quite predictable but fun film focusing on a former high school basketball star that gets a second shot at life when he's miraculously transformed back into the teenager he once was, with the offer to redefine his future. Mike's future was chosen for him when he sacrificed his opportunity to create a career in basketball in order to stay with his then expectant girlfriend, Scarlet and become a great father instead. Before given the chance we see Mike 20 years later with his dreams long gone, gathering dust somewhere and his marriage as well as the relationship with his own teenage kids falling apart. I really enjoy following him on his journey of rediscovering what's important to him! I watched this on the plane home from holiday so it was a perfect easy to watch but isn't spectacular.

Billy Elliot (2000) 
I've been obsessed with this film since watching the stage production of musical back in March, falling in love with the original film all over again. It centres around young Billy, the son of a miner in Northern England whose life is changed forever when one day he stumbles on a ballet class on his way to boxing lessons. He becomes engrossed in the world of Ballet under the direction of Mrs Wilkinson who sets a fire within him to try out for the Royal Ballet. It's a really interesting story of relationships between the working class in the mining industry as well as the collision of the Ballet world that has gripped a young boy's imagination. I am also a big lover of the entire soundtrack, it's my jam!  

Daddy Day Care (2003)  
Daddy Day Care is an absolute classic to watch at the weekends so finding it on Netflix whilst in Spain was a godsend, especially for the flight home. I still find it as hilarious and engaging as I did when I first watched it all those years ago. Eddie Murphy leads the cast in this film, based on two fathers who become stay at home fathers after losing their jobs and are forced to take their kids out of Chapman Academy, an expensive day care school for kids. They take on the mission of creating their own day care facility, "Daddy Day Care" is born and it's great. There's so much to laugh at, the kids are superb in their naturally flawless acting too! 

Dirty Grandpa (2016) 
If your looking for a film that will make you chuckle and completely distract you on a down day then this 2016 film starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron is definitely right up your street. I thought the film was hilarious and an essential whilst on my flight to Spain. It contains a lot of Adult Humour and sexual references of which are pretty predictable for the themes of the film itself. It's a lot of good fun, a great watch with friends or for the occasion when you need perking up.

Doctor Strange (2016) 
I'm a huge fan of the Marvel franchise and am always excited when a new release is on the horizon (I'm buzzing for the next Guardians of The Galaxy film at the end of the month) and the latest one I've seen is 2016's release of Doctor Strange. We follow a former surgeon, Stephen Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch becomes a powerful sorcerer under the the influence of a mystic known as the Ancient One. I thought the plot was engaging, really easy to follow and the visual effects are stunning. They're obviously far better represented on the big screen in cinemas than in our own living room but if your a fan of the Marvel films and haven't seen this one yet, then what are you waiting for? 

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (2016) 
I'm a big lover of the Harry Potter franchise having grown up submerged in all it's glory, so it's safe to say I still feel sad about the ending of the original story. I wasn't too excited for the release of the 'Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them' journey as I wasn't sure on what to expect and whether the magic of Harry Potter would be ruined. I was pleasantly surprised by the film, the magic was still very much there in an new era that Eddie Redmayne leads well as main character Newt Scamander. I didn't think the storyline was as strong as it could have been and there was definitely a lot of separate smaller stories that were happening within the main thread that made it at times a little confusing. However, I did enjoy watching it and am curious to see how the rest of the films in the series unfold especially with the news of Jude Law playing Young Dumbledore in the next film!

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016) 
I'm quite surprised I re-watched this film after not being so attached to the film when I saw it in the cinema. The influence of Tim Burton's visionary directing is so apparent in this production of Ransom Rigg's creative novel, I fell in love with the book when I read it in 2016 so I was slightly disappointed by the changing of the plot. There's a great essence of fantasy and mystery in this film, the storyline is very interesting but I definitely hoped for more from this film! 

Moana (2016) 
I loved this new animation film from Disney when it was released in cinemas back in late 2016 so it's release on DVD was something I had been awaiting. I have fallen in love with the story of Moana, the story of her family heritage in the greatest sailors in the world and their voyages across the Pacific. They discovered the many islands of Oceania but for a whole millennium, their voyages stopped and nobody knows exactly why. The unravelling story keeps your focus entirely and the soundtrack itself is one of my favourites! If you haven't seen it already why have you been living under a rock for all of this time?!

Sing! (2016) 
I was unfortunate to miss this one when it was on at the cinemas but the animation produced by Illumination Entertainment was an enjoyable movie to watch. With a host of great actors behind the animations including Seth MacFarlane and Reese Witherspoon your in great hands for this all singing, all dancing and fun film. It had a predictable storyline but would be great for the younger audience to enjoy.

Pete's Dragon (2016) 
The original Disney's Pete's Dragon is a much loved animation from from 1977 and it is a great re imagining of the story in this new 2016 release. I watched this on holiday more than once and I thought that they managed to recreate the adventure of orphaned boy Pete and his best friend, a dragon named Elliott. It's hard not to get emotionally attached to this film in one way or another, it fully tugs on your heart strings even very much so in the conclusion. It was a great up to date version of a very much loved film and I would watch it again.

What films have you watched recently?
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