Tomorrow I'm off on my first holiday in around 5 years, despite feeling massively anxious about flying (it's up there as one of my biggest fears) I'm really looking forward to 5 days exploring a new country, sitting by the pool and above most enjoying my first holiday with Jordan.

One of the biggest struggles I have is packing my hand luggage with just enough stuff to keep me occupied on the flight as much as it is being within the requirements set out by the airline company. As the flight is around 2hr 40mins long I think it's important, especially if you are an anxious passenger like me to think of the essentials to get you through. I thought I'd share with you what's in my hand luggage for my trip to Spain with Clickstay, make sure you follow me on Instagram to see what I get up to! 

01. Camera - the pictures for the blog aren't going to take themselves. I just need to remember to bring enough memory cards and batteries for the trip

02. Sunglasses - I brought these pair recently from Primark for around £2 and I'm in love with them

03. Book - I'm currently reading The Graces by Laure Eve,  I'm hoping to have it done early on in the holiday so that I can get cracking with another read I'm taking with me,

04. Notebook & Pen - I'm going to be needing somewhere to write down notes for the holiday post, new blog post ideas and more whilst on the plane or on holiday.

05. Snacks - This is a must for me to keep distracted, on this trip I've opted for Almonds, chocolate bars and sweets. Unhealthy options but ones that will keep me happy on the flight.

06. Bottle of water - because it's important to keep hydrated, hopefully I won't be running to the toilet all of the time though!

07. Purse.

08. Laptop - I'm downloading a few things to watch from the comfort of my laptop should I need to during the flight.

09. Headphones - I have a 'holiday jams' and 'keep calm' playlist at the ready that will hopefully help take my mind off whatever is happening around me.

10. Passport - what's a holiday without having your passport on you?

11. Phone Charger - I'm always forgetting this essential on a daily basis so if I remember to pop it in my bagpack everyday it will be some kinda miracle!

Do you have any tips for anxious flyers? Or what are your essentials to take on holiday?

thanks for reading,