The General Election is looming around the corner, it's pretty unavoidable stuff right now with papers and social media full with ideas on why specific parties are the right ones for you to vote for in June. I do truly believe that that decision is personal, it's yours but when you have the power and choice to vote for the people who make the biggest decisions in our country it's important we get involved and don't just ignore what's happening. Seeing so many people become passionate about this next election has me excited that something could change, but we all need to talk and keep talking. 

Educating yourself about politics is something we should all practice, even if it's reading the official websites for the party's manifesto or discussing with your friends and family, do it. Do it now, turn off the TV or your laptop and discuss the state of the country, the things that matter most to you and then when June comes round you'll be so passionate about what's important you'll vote for what you want. 

I ran a poll recently and still a good percentage of people said they were voting for Tories, I will never disregard someone based on their political views because it is their individual human right. However, in my own opinion I'm sick of living a country ruled by the Tory party. I'm fed up of the divide in my society, the pressures in education and the fact our NHS, something which is very important in my eyes is at breaking point. These are only the few reasons that I can justify why voting for May isn't in my personal interests but those of which I won't share, I want to share the positives.

In June I will be voting for the Labour party, there I said it. I'm sick of being disregarded a vote for Jeremy Corbyn based on 'him' because whether people agree with him or not, the Labour party to me offers far better things for the future of my country and I'm behind that 100%. I've decided to share with the 5 reasons (there's more but i'll keep this as simple as possible) that I will be putting my cross next to Labour on the ballot in a few weeks time.

I work in our current Education system and it's changed a lot over the past couple of years, with a real pressure on young people that definitely minimises the opportunities available to them in order to get the most out of their education. Education is vital for every young person, no matter your background. One of the proposals is that Labour will 'stop the cuts to school budgets with a real terms increase in funding' meaning no cuts to staff, dropping subjects from the curriculum (lots of physical activity like dance and drama has been known to be cut) and some schools even asking their pupils to buy their own books, this actually happens in some areas!

Another area is that Labour wants to 'build a gold-standard vocational route through education'. I believe that everybody should be able to access further education, such as university if they so wish to. Around 50% of young people don't ever go to university, probably down to grades as much as it is the rising degree fees (why is this still a thing btw!?). There should be more options for every young person to access, no barriers needed. There's also some word on collapsing the university fees, fingers crossed for us! 🤞

One of the things that definitely worries me more than ever in the outcome of the general election is the future of our NHS, because it's no news to anybody how much it's struggling and at the verge of breaking point. Labour wants to really change the NHS and bring it to life again, something which is something that people will back. With some ideas that Corbyn plans to put more than £6 billion extra annual funding for the NHS through increased income tax for top 5% earners as well as free parking for visitors at hospital car parks. It's hoped that with increase funding the level of care and attention given to all patients is improved and having free parking puts anyones mind at ease whilst their loved ones are in hospital. I really hope there's an improvement with how Labour will approach mental health too, it's just as important as your physical health.

is important, like really important. So rumours that Labour plans to lower the voting age to 16 is something that would definitely be welcomed. I think lowering the voting age would have a hell of a lot more young people being involved in politics and speaking up about the things that matter. Also I heard May has said she won't lower the age, why? scared the next generation will give you the boot you deserve? If at 16 they're expected to make a decision on further education, college etc then I am sure they can make a decent decision on the future of their country.

I'd love to own a home in the near future and under a Tory government I think this is difficult. Also homelessness is a huge problem in our country that needs to be addressed, some people are even those who have had great jobs and lives until it has been too difficult to be able to afford a roof over their head. Nobody should be left in that position. Labour may be proposing ideas like building 4,000 new homes for people with a history of rough sleeping, those worst affected as part of a new national plan to end homelessness. As much as this would be great the drug and mental health that would go alongside this would need to be in place for it to be effective.

As someone who currently rents a property and would like to be a property owner in the future, the possibility of having no increase in rent prices and maybe secure three-year tenancies gives many people more structure.

is something we've all had to accept, it was the majority vote and they key is now about how we move forward and get the best out of a shitty situation. I want to vote for a party that will hopefully get the best out of the situation and Labour has some ideas in achieving that. They want to build a close relationship with Europe, not as members but as partners. I think it's important to also maintain the rights of EU nationals living in Britain and secure reciprocal rights for UK citizens living in another EU country. We are still unsure on what Article 50 negotiations there will be but fingers crossed Labour can deliver something that will be the best for our country's uncertain future.

I wonder what your thoughts are on Labour? will you be voting for them on Thursday 8 June?
thanks for reading,