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Italy is known for it’s breath-taking architecture, winding roads, incredible views around every corner and a dream for people to explore and escape. What Italy is known for above everything else is it’s food and drink cuisine. There is nothing like the smells of a freshly baked pizza, a pasta dish and the eye-catching colours of a freshly prepared salad topped off with only the best of Italian red wine, whilst in Rome hu?

Since 2012 I have dreamt of the day when I would return to Italy, heading towards Florence, a historic city that combines both masterpieces and stunning architecture to its fullest. Taking a sample of some of the world’s most celebrated art laying within this city and the cathedral and its crypt, Giotto’s bell tower and the Ponte Vecchio stone bridge. Hosting my dinner party in this 4 bed villa within green valleys of wine years in Montelupo Fiorentno. The Montelupo Fiorentno Villa has all the essentials for the perfect dinner party; privacy, large bedrooms and access to a pool, barbecue, sauna and fitness equipment (may be required the next day after dinner!). The dinner party I would host would be intimate with only 3 guests present at the table.

Robert De Niro would be there to keep the conversation flowing with his experience as an actor who also knows how to make the other guests feel at ease with his infectious personality. Next up I would invite Jeremy Corbyn who probably will need to put his feet up and enjoy some good food after all the hard work of the upcoming General Election. Finally, it would have to be Amber Riley, an incredible vocal artist from American who can blow everyone away with her after dinner entertainment on the villa’s terrace with a glass of wine overlooking the many valleys.

The dinner will begin with a starter of Bruschetta, a traditional appetiser in Italy and one of my own favourites to start dinner with. The grilled or toasted bread, dependent on your preference is rubbed with olive oil and topped with garlic, tomato, basil and onions but you could go to town on the topping and even add some ham or olives if you fancy!  Next up for this party would have to be a pizza dish, Italian screams out pizza to me and whilst in Florence (see what I did there) let’s go all out, choose our own pizza toppings, go wild and pick what we fancy. They’ll be oven baked and presented with a side selection of salads to compliment the pizzas and their individual flavours. 

To wash down the pizza and Bruschetta will be a glass or two of Barbera d’Asti, an Italian wine that is juicy and packed with cherry-berry flavours. This was noted as one of the best wines to eat with pizza, good pizza needs good wine! To conclude this Italian evening (yes it’s making me feel rather hungry too) the dessert of choice would have to be a traditional Tiramisu, an espresso-spiked treat that is the ultimate dessert, with it’s blend of snappy but soft textures in the various flavours that is the perfect “pick me up” in Italy.

I look forward to welcoming my guests to the vast space and light that this villa and Florence has to  offer. 

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