Do you ever do that thing where you don't realise how quickly month's pass you by and before you know it your halfway through the next month? April and May were both months that brought me down, made me feel swallowed with anxiety. Blogging was very much on the back burner (something which hasn't happened in a very long while) and so I decided at the time I didn't want to write about my favourites whilst I dealt with everything.

With the recent events of Manchester in the UK it hasn't felt right to blog, to sit and talk about materialistic things because again the lives of innocent people have been lost through a selfish act like no other. Nobody will be able to ever understand why people are subjected to doing it but what we can do is show our determination not to fear them, not to continue doing what we do and that's living our lives to their fullest. My thoughts are with those affected and for the city of Manchester as they try to rebuild their lives.

However, June is just around the corner. Summer as we know it is here, the GCSE's have begun which means after work I'm not feeling so energetic and look forward to being in bed by 7.30pm. I've collected quite a few favourites recently, I'm going to write a post about the TV favourites in more depth because there's been so much on that I've loved recently. Let's get into the favourites;

Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' Body Buttercream is my go to product for keeping my skin soft and smelling nice during the warmer months. I've grabbed for this a lot during and since my holiday in April, I love the citrus scents of this!

Naked Palette was kindly gifted for me by Urban Decay, being a fan of their Naked 2 Palette for a long while it's been on my list to purchase one of their others. I love the soft brown tones in this palette, I use more of these shades than anything else so I'm glad I have a palette to suit my everyday look.

Now it's getting warmer and with quite a few events lined up including a couple of weddings, I was kind of on the hunt for a great setting spray to get my hands on. Introducing Urban Decay Long Lasting MakeUp Setting Spray with it's new design, compact size and awesome product to keep your make up on for as long as possible! I used it recently for the school prom I had to work at and thought it was a great product, I would recommend it to anyone with a wedding this summer!

Finally with the weather being a lot better and since having my hair recently cut I've been embracing my wavier locks and using Schwarzkopf got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Salt Spray to keep it as fresh and textured as possible. My mum used to have this product on her dressing table and I used to love taking advantage of it when I stay so now I have my own to use finally!

Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of progress with reading over the last couple of months, I read a couple over my holiday in April and then managed only around 3/4 books. I haven't been able to stop thinking about one in particular and that's Laura Jane William's second book, Ice Cream For Breakfast. Not only does it come with the most pretty front cover and best title but it's a book that really embraces the child like behaviour that definitely gets lost along the way as we grow up. I couldn't put it down and was really engaged in Laura's writing style and relation back to when she worked as a nanny. I've encouraged so many people to get their hands on it since, it's so good.

Another favourite within this genre this month is without a doubt my Amazon Kindle. I've had it for quite a while now but only really used it when I was on holiday. Recently with the discovery of NetGallery, a great website for future book releases and samples for free I've found myself using it more than an actual book. It's so easy for me to carry around to and from work too!

I have seen some incredible theatre over April and May but one that stands above the rest is when the UK tour of La Cage Aux Folles arrived at Birmingham Hippodrome during May. I loved watching Eastenders' much loved John Partridge take the lead in this musical that really shines a light on love, individuality and embracing everything that you are. It was as much poignant as it was fun, I only wish I could watch it all over again.

There's so much good TV on at the moment, whether that's on UK mainstream channels or through Netflix too. Like I mentioned at the beginning I'm going to do a separate post so that I can share the things you should definitely be watching. Some of them include Little Boy Blue, Three Girls, Ru Pauls Drag Race and Cheer Sqaud!

In general life's been pretty peachy in terms of being busy doing stuff! I absolutely loved our stay at St Pauls House Birmingham in April, it was the most beautiful hotel and somewhere I'd definitely stay in again. I also headed on holiday with Clickstay in April on a press trip, something I thought was out of reach for me to do with this blog. I headed to Cumbre Del Sol during my Easter holiday off work for a 5 day break, it was so bloody lovely! I really miss being out there and can't believe how quick a month or more has gone since I went out there.

I've found another surprise favourite recently, Pinterest and I can't stop using it. There's so much inspiration on there for blog posts, outfits, hairstyles, home decor, future reads and even for the special big day (no sign of it yet but at least I'm prepared) and so it's perfect for me who loves visual stuff. I've also managed to grow my profile and following quite a lot recently which makes me just want to use it more. If you have Pinterest I'm carpediememmiee over there!

Lastly, with times spent reading my books in the living room there's been no better and more refreshing than lighting candles with the same refreshing scents you'd expect from this time of year. I purchased the Lemongrass and Fresh Ginger candle in House of Fraser's own range and can't stop burning it whilst reading or typing away. I love it's fresh scents but also a snap of ginger works well too! It was around £5.00 in a sale they had too when I got it, winner!

What have you been enjoying during April + May? Share some of your favourites with me! 

thanks for reading,