Earlier this year when my cousin announced he'd be getting married in June, I was extremely excited for him. He's like the sibling brother I never had and we've always bonded over having a good time, enjoying the smallest things in life especially Gin and Tonic being one of those so I was so bloody excited for him to become a husband. The wedding itself was being hosted in Oxford, a city I have wanted to explore for so many years now. It's architecture filling the streets of this incredible town, the literature history it holds within it and it's part to play in some of my favourite books and films ever, Harry Potter. 

The wedding was gorgeous, I felt kinda emotional throughout the day (it was probably the amount of Gin and Tonic I had to consume in the hotel before going to the reception venue because it was hella expensive, dammit Oxford!) but yeah I felt sad because this important figure in my life was now going to be living somewhere new, he wasn't going to be 15-20 mins away for a trip to the pub before Christmas. However, after exploring Oxford I came to the realisation that he'll be in the most beautiful city I have seen in a very long while and I'm going to use every excuse I can to pop on down to explore it even further, even in the 3-4 hours we got to see what we did wasn't enough. 

On our way into Oxford I had read that using the Park and Ride facilities available were the best way into the city. We parked up for £2 for the entire day and then popped onto the regular bus service for £2.60 return on the day (I believe it was!), it was an absolute bargain and definitely saved the driving rage that would probably happen when finding a parking space at affordable price. When in the city we just decided to see where the town took us, I loved this way of us exploring it. It was spontaneous and therefore allowed our feet and sense of wander do the talking, and actually we got to see some pretty epic stuff! We decided to have our lunch at a little spot called The Vaults and Garden Cafe, opposite the iconic Bodleian Library , which is just as gorgeous as it is in the flesh as it is in the many photos you have probably seen of it. 

We explored some of the Oxford University and College buildings but in the short time we had we just decided to enjoy them on the outside rather than spend the money to go inside, however this is something I'd do next time I visit because they are stunning. We did have a little look around the gorgeous Oxford Botanic Gardens and will share those pictures later this week for you! Until then I have left a bunch of photos, my favourites which capture the little exploration of Oxford that I explored earlier this month. Get me back to that city already! 

thanks for reading,