Ever feel like your blog becomes a place that sometimes becomes full of the reviews and there's nothing personal in it anymore? I definitely feel like that's what Carpe Diem Emmie has become over the past few months, I've been beyond busy with opportunities and reviewing shows that it takes a little bit of the fun and interest out of blogging for me. I did write some Monthly Favourites posts earlier in the year but then I found that they didn't fit my specific 'blog niche' quite right and gave up on that idea too. 

I wrote some 'Currently' posts last Summer and I found them great fun to do if I wanted to share some thoughts without creating a huge post with lots of photos to decorate it with. Also, it gives the reader the opportunity to see what I've been doing outside of the four walls of blogging. 

Now that Autumn has officially arrived, I can start thinking ahead to both Halloween and Christmas and what they both bring to the table. Let's get cracking talking about September... 

Reading: I've been a heck of a lot slower reading books through the Summer months, particularly in July and August which is frustrating! I am currently enjoying One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus and I think it's a great read so far. 

Watching: I'm loving quite a lot of the stuff on TV at the moment I've been particularly enjoying the return of Doctor Foster, it's not as good as the first series but still pretty good. As well as that I'm enjoying The Mist on Netflix which is great in the run-up to Halloween, Ambulance on the BBC and Educating Manchester on Channel 4. 

Planning: blog content for the next couple of months. Now that I have a new job my hours will make it even harder to blog more regularly. I've planned quite a few things already in my absence but I'm just going to have to use any spare time in the evenings more wisely. Finding balance is a challenge and a half. 

Stocking up on: books! I don't know how it's happened but I've accumulated quite a few books in the past few months. 

Wishing for: more hours in the day. I feel like I've been so busy these past few months but I'm still not getting enough done in the time that I have. If there's a fairy godmother available can you grant my wish for more hours, please? 

Enjoying: the prospect of a new job, a new beginning and a new career path. I'm also enjoying the fact Autumn is here so I can light all the candles, snuggle up under a blanket and not feel bad for wanting more nights in. 

Trying: to organise joining a sports club or find a local yoga class. I need to do more exercise and I've been so busy with other things that it took a backseat. Hopefully, once I'm settled into the new job I will organise that out. 

Eating: so much delicious food that Jordan has been cooking. He's been creating more fish dishes and I've become obsessed with his homemade chilli, I'm very lucky that he enjoys cooking so much. 

Goal Setting: There are just around 3/4 goals I'd like to accomplish by the end of the month, I have 3 months to achieve them and I definitely think it's possible. I'll be sharing them in a post soon for you! 

Learning: how to turn off at the right time. I can easily work away on the laptop; writing up posts, engaging with other bloggers and generally getting so much time in front of the laptop it's not exactly healthy. I'm trying to make sure that by 8pm every night the laptop is switched off and out of arm's length, therefore I can relax before bed.

That's it! What's been going on with you in September? 
thanks for reading,