This week is the last week that I'll be working in education as a Teaching Assistant, acknowledging the fact that as of next week I will be a Social Media and Content Editor for a company is bonkers. I feel extremely lucky that I'm able to pursue a professional career from writing a blog, without taking the risk of becoming freelance to get to where I'd like to be. 

For a while and after numerous conversations and time to think I have figured out that a career in education wasn't where I wanted to be anymore. I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a Dance teacher within the education system when I decided to leave Freelance dance work 2 years ago. I wanted to be able to put my degree and interests to good use and I felt like slowly but surely that became impossible for me to do. There aren't enough professional programmes out there to pursue this, geographically I'd have to travel for miles to be able to study or just relocate altogether. Then as with most things, it doesn't guarantee you a full-time teaching role afterwards. I could have become any other subject teacher but I'll be honest, it didn't appeal to me. I couldn't commit myself to other things like teaching Dance after school either, the school I worked at already paid for an outside company to come in and my other jobs meant commuting out towards other schools which meant I was always already exhausted or I was always late. It wasn't fair for either party in that case so I decided to focus primarily on my role in education and see whether there was a gap for me somewhere else. I'll be honest, I don't think there was. 

Working in education is physically and mentally quite demanding. I've been in situations I've never been in before and it just didn't fit the bill for me anymore. Not everything in education has been bad, I've thrived on the opportunity to work so intensely with one young person, understanding their needs and helping them to achieve the best they can from their time at school. Also, my colleagues are kind of next to none, when your work can be so intense you need to be surrounded and supported by people who can make that easier and I definitely felt that way. I'll miss my colleagues and the young people I've come into contact with, 2 years in the school has been a massive eye opener for me and I have learnt so much in what is such a short space of time. 

And now I move onto the next big chapter in my life. The chapter that's going to utilise everything blogging has taught me in a professional capacity. To say I feel nervous and kind of out of my comfort zone is an understatement, but it doesn't mean I won't give it 100% from one day. I'm excited to be involved with exciting campaigns, take photographs, write content and create social media engagement for a company I am so excited to join. I've already got knowledge that my first campaigns will be Halloween and Christmas based so I'm already buzzing! 

Obviously in hand with this job will mean that this blog may take a direct hit, I won't be able to probably post as regularly anymore but it isn't to say I'm giving up on Carpe Diem Emmie because that'll never happen. 

You'll still see the regular theatre reviews, book and film reviews but probably less Lifestyle product review type posts unless some kind of miracle happens and I manage to fit that in too. I am however going to try and inject some kind of monthly catch up, kind of like favourites where I talk about what I am currently reading, enjoying, listening to etc! I do want to add more personal touches to the blog without feeling restrained or stressed by trying to think of enough favourites for a post then finding the time to take a photo. I also think it would be quite fun to do at the end of each month too because it's quick and easy and the photo opportunity can be quite simplistic for it. 

I'm looking ahead to learning new and exciting skills, this will benefit how I approach my blog and how I can utilise more engagement too. I can't wait to share with you any updates or experiences/tricks I'm already learning too.

Thanks for continuing to support me and this blog, without you the readers I probably wouldn't have gained such a specific interest to seek a professional career. Now, let's do this!

thanks for reading,