Whenever Autumn arrives it feels like it gives me permission to set some things into motion, to start afresh and to think about any goals I'd like to accomplish. So here I am with TOWIE on as background noise (I can't help it), a fresh cup of tea and some chocolate and pumpkin spiced brownies, they're delicious by the way and from the Coop! 

2018 is on the horizon and quite frankly, 2017 hasn't been too bad of a year. Despite there being some challenging moments, I'm referring to the fact I started a new job which isn't going to plan at the moment, 2017 has probably been one of the most fulfilling years for me.

November marks 4 years since I graduated from university and I do believe it's down to this alone that I'm reflecting on elements of my life more. I also visited Coventry recently just to have a mooch around When I try to figure out what the goals are, I think of all that has already passed me by and take notice to the things which I'm thinking I want to be better.

- Try Something New  - 
Me and Jordan tend to go on our merry way in our relationship and as individuals, comfortable with how we choose to spend our evenings doing the same thing. This can lead us to staying close to the same routine, never sampling something different and trying something new, especially as a individual. I'd like to have a go at doing some more exercise, my time is limited but hopefully, there's a chance of signing up to a local gym or joining a yoga class soon. 

- Make Time For Friends - 
To some people, this may seem like the easiest goal to achieve but when you live miles away from your friends and with commitments to other things it's not always easy to get together for a sustainable time that seems worthwhile. I want to spend a couple of weekends a month going to see some friends, and maybe just making more time to have conversations with them too.

- Read 9 More Books - 
I had the challenge to read 50 books this year, it's fair to say that I set my goal too high. I've managed to read 26 books this year but I'd love it if I could reach a goal of 35, so near but so far but far better than other years when I barely got past 10. I have created quite the list of books to read but I've decided to bring together the 9 I want to read more than any others, now I just need to make sure to make time in my schedule to relax and enjoy some reading.

- Face Your Fears Head Down - 
I am struggling more than I have in months (maybe years) with my mental health, to the point where I've been shaking in tears and fear takes control of me. It's the scariest thing and I'm unable to control it. I'm 26 and don't want it to plague my life into my 30s, I've lived with it for long enough already. I've taken it into my hands, been more proactive about seeing the doctors and organising therapy. I want to face the fears that grip my anxiety and find ways of managing it a lot better.

- Hit More Number Goals - 
'Blogging isn't about the numbers' is so cliche but I don't know a blogger who doesn't feel proud of their achievements and so they should. I have hit quite a few milestones already in 2017, over 5K on Pinterest, over 5K on Instagram (I don't know how I managed it either) and 9K on Twitter to name a few but I want to inch a little closer to some individual goals by the end of the year. I've got some work to do!

What are the goals you want to accomplish by 2018?

thanks for reading,