10 Good Things (#03).

I'm currently writing this week's installment of 10 Good Things from the comfort of my sofa on a Saturday night. Fortunately for me, it's 7.30pm and it's still light outside, god bless you Spring. I also have a glass of G&T in my hand, because why not? When thinking back to the week, I'll be honest I've kind of struggled to put this installment together. Just last week we enjoyed a four day weekend and I think that down to that I'm out of sync with everything.

This week has been alright. I've managed to organise some work (I think), I'm just waiting for my DBS to go through (which should happen this week) and hopefully I will get some work sorted for the week after. I'm not a fan of being unemployed, whilst it's been great to have some time to focus on my blog and what I want to do with my career, I want some routine in my life!

Plus I am gearing towards a career I thought I wanted but decided to try something different, completely misjudging the decision and now being stuck from the bottom again. frusrating! Anyway, enough of my life update, here's this week's installment of 10 Good Things.

01. I had a haircut

This week I managed to FINALLY get my hair cut. For months I have been sitting on the idea of cutting my hair shorter. With recent events I fancied a change to hopefully boost my confidence. I still don't know whether I 100% like it yet but I'm sure it'll grow on me.

02. Helen Anderson

Helen is undoubtedly one of my favourite YouTubers right now. I don't watch any of her hauls or fashion-focused stuff but when it comes to vlogs, Helen really stands out for me. I find her content really engaging and 'real', she knows how to have a good time and not take herself too seriously on the platform. I think some of her main videos are also incredible at being something different to a stereotypical fashion blogger. I'd definitely go and subscribe to Helen on YouTube.

03. East Midlands Coffee Morning

If you didn't already know I co-created the East Midlands Blogger Network. One of my goals for 2018 was to organise more events in my region and I kickstarted that just last weekend with a coffee morning. I had 17 people in attendance, some new bloggers as well as some familiar faces too. Our venue, 200 degrees, treated us to a free hot drink, a coffee masterclass, and some delicious lunch too. I loved offering advice to bloggers and have some ideas for some events moving forward too. 

04. Doughnotts

After the coffee morning we went to Doughnotts for a treat. It was nice that some of the people who came to the coffee morning joined me to grab a delicious doughnut before heading home! I'm currently obsessed with doughnuts too, my Party Ring doughnut was great when I got home and got myself a cup of tea.

05. WICKED UK Tour

One of my highly anticipated trips to the theatre came this week when I headed to Birmingham Hippodrome for the press evening performance of WICKED. I absolutely love WICKED, it was my third time seeing the musical and I loved it just as much as the first time. The cast was incredible and I cried twice! You can read my review of WICKED over on my blog here.

06. Manchester Gin

I'm currently working on a handful of Gin samples for some upcoming features for the blog (decided that using my love for Gin on the blog was something I must do!) and have fallen in love with Manchester Gin, kindly sent to me by Flavourly. It's a really delicious gin so keep your eyes peeled on the blog if you enjoy Gin! especially as summer is coming!

07. Sitting in the Garden

This week we had a couple of days where the weather seemed to be showing signs that Spring had finally arrived. So much so that on Thursday I managed to sit in the garden and enjoy reading a couple of chapters of my latest read with a cup of tea. It was pleasant and exactly what I needed to do to take me away from the laptop for an hour. It's got me pretty excited for Summer (should we have ok weather, I'm hoping so!)

08. Commonwealth Games

The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have begun and I've got stuck into it all. I absolutely love the fact that whilst I am unemployed I can spend 60% of my day watching live coverage of sport from the event. I've got really behind it this year and It's definitely motivated me to turn to a sport as soon as my income is better. I'm thinking along the lines of just going swimming or playing a game of Badminton a couple of times a week, just something to get me active!

09. Dara O'Brien's Go 8 Bit

Whilst me and Jordan wait for the new series of Taskmaster to begin (we love this programme!) we've been getting to grips with Dara O'Brien's Go 8 Bit instead. If you love video games, old and new then this programme is right up your street. It involves celebrities playing against one another in retro games and we love watching it. Massive nostalgic feels watching this!

10. Magic Kingdom 

I am not usually a fan of games on my phone, particularly Disney ones but I am obsessed with the Disney Magic Kingdom I have been playing on my phone for a few weeks now. It's really hard to grow but it's a nice little distraction whilst taking a tea break or whilst I'm waiting for Jordan to do something before we go out. It's a really easy game and I'll probably lose interest by next weekend but I'll keep with it for now.

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. I'd love to go see Wicked one day - I'm jealous! It's been lovely having some warmer weather, I even toyed with the idea of sitting outside with my latest read myself. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    1. Oh Wicked is great - one of the best musicals I've ever seen! :D x

  2. I haven't heard of Disney Magic Kingdom but i am now intrigued! I haven't watched as much of the commonwealth games as i'd like, but one thing i found fascinating was seeing Britain compete as individual countries - England owe a lot to the other countries and we should remember that!

    I also really loved how the para-athletes competed as part of the whole games, it proves that it CAN be done and the Olympic committee need to take note. I hope in my lifetime i will see it as one event!

    Honesty time: nothing can beat Matilda for me, but i did love wicked and my Glinda was exceptional - i think she out-sung Elpheba, in truth! I'm going to read the review now :)

    Bumble and Be