10 Good Things (#04)

First of all apologises that there wasn't a 10 Good Things last weekend, I had quite the week and found it difficult to find the time to catch up with my emails let alone to write a quick blog post. But I'm delighted to be able to write you a post this weekend. It's currently Sunday and I'm watching the live footage of the London Marathon from the comfort of my sofa. I admire the people who go out and race for charities close to their heart and I feel like I'll probably be an emotional mess within 10 minutes of the race beginning. 

One of the biggest things to happen in the last two weeks is that I have finally started working again. It's just an agency job working as a supply Teaching Assistant as/when the school need me, it's a start but obviously I am still driven in finding a permanent full-time job. I've loved it though! I'm so glad the weather has been far better this week too, it has most definitely lifted my mood! 

01. Back to Work

Being back at work, getting out of the house and having a routine has been massively beneficial for me. I've loved heading over to a local SEN school where I have worked with young people of different ages, challenged myself and met new people and also beginning my After School Dance Club at a primary school. I've also begun some freelance social media stuff too. Like I mentioned I'm still after a permanent position in a school but I'm doing what I can right now.  

02. Beech Hill Hotel & Spa

We've just came back from a gorgeous stay at Beech Hill Hotel and Spa in the Lake District. I've never explored this area of the UK and it's so tranquil and relaxing I only wish I could have stayed there longer. The location, bedroom, restaurant and spa were perfect for a little getaway to begin the weekend, the 5-hour drive it took us to get there on Friday rush hour traffic was not fun though! 

03. Sunshine

There has been gorgeous weather in the UK during the last two weeks and it has been gorgeous. I've loved getting out in the garden with my book, putting up the washing and organising the garden. We even managed to have a spontaneous BBQ one evening which was amazing!

04. London Marathon

I'm just watching the London Marathon begin and I love watching it every year. Every year I always watch this and think 'I could do this' but I definitely couldn't, it's something which will remain on my bucket list I think. Maybe next year?

05. Stacey Dooley

I've recently finished Stacey Dooley's book 'On The Front Line with the Women who Fight Back'  and absolutely loved reading it. Stacey Dooley has done some fantastic documentaries on BBC3 so it was good to hear a little bit more about those and how they have impacted on her life. You couldn't help but feel involved in the stories of those women. I felt super grateful for everything I have after reading the book. 

06. Jordan's Hockey Dinner

I haven't been out in a while so I really enjoyed getting dressed up recently for Jordan's annual Hockey dinner last weekend. I had a couple of Gins, got to catch up with a few people and then had a little dance when some absolute bangers were played. I did go back to the hotel around 11.30pm but it was a lovely evening! 

07. Britain's Got Talent

is back! Saturday nights are now going to be spent on the sofa with Gin and watching this programme. I can't wait to see what the auditions have to offer!

08. The Button

I found this new programme whilst waiting for Britain's Got Talent to begin and totally forgot that I saw this advertised.The new game show takes place in the houses of five families who compete against each other to win challenges from the comfort of their living rooms. I thought it was pretty good fun, I even said to Jordan we should apply for this!

09. Mumford and Sons

I'm kinda obsessed with listening to Mumford and Sons again at the moment. With the weather being so glorious it's the best kind of music to listen to! Now just get me to the nearest music festival please!

10. Making a Conscious Effort with the Community! 

I've got a post coming up called 'My Problem(s) with the Blogging Community' because I feel as though the community rubs me up the wrong way at the moment and I want to talk about it, and make a better effort to bring some of it back. I've started making the effort to share the blog posts I've enjoyed, to comment on blogs (more on a Sunday when I'm always having a slow morning) and just generally trying to work together. It's something all bloggers can do but just don't try and make the conscious effort to do so because they have their eggs in other baskets.

What's been happening your end recently? Hope you enjoy the great weather! 

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  1. Oh Emmie what a lovely list of goodness! I adore watching things like the marathon and OH MY GOODNESS YES TO BGT!!! I was in tears last night with it! I adore the Lake District, it's one of my most favourite places in the world, it sounds like you had such a lovely time.

    Well done on landing the temp job, hopefully something a little more permanent will come your way very soon. Everything is meant to be, even when there's no apparent reason for it, and maybe the most perfect set of life circumstances are just about to throw themselves at you in the most incredible, unexpected way.
    Have a lovely week this week,
    Peta & The Bears

  2. Well done on getting back into work, and good luck for finding a full time position as well

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

  3. I love this series - always enjoy hearing about the good things happening in your life lately. Congrats on getting back into work, it definitely does help your mood if you have a routine! I've been loving getting the washing out on the line in this glorious weather too. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  4. I love these posts, they make me smile! Really looking forward to reading your My Problem(s) with the Blogging Community post. Congratulations on the new position, and good luck on finding a permanent role! I love watching the marathon - I did it last year and swore I'd never do it again but after watching it this year I'm going to apply for next year! You look beautiful in the photos!
    Hels xx

  5. I'm loving this series Emma :) I saw on your Instagram of Beech Hill Hotel & Spa. It looks like such a beautiful place. I'm looking forward to reading the problems with the blogging community post.