10 Good Things (#05).

Another week, another 10 Good Things Post. I decided to do something different this week and decided to share 10 blog posts that you should read right now. If you read my recent blog post, My Problems With Blogging Right Now then you'll know that I miss the engagement within the blogosphere. I've been making a conscious effort of commenting on more blogs. 

Yes, it's time-consuming but there's some incredible content out there for you to read. Reading blogs honestly does inspires my own content, takes me away from trying to write my own stuff and it's good to see what others in the community are writing. So grab yourself a cuppa and read these 10 blog posts right now. 

I just love Imii's take on why she doesn't want to be a big blogger like most people out there. If you feel some kind of pressure to make your blog a full-time gig that is bringing you in the money then Imii's blog will definitely help you think twice. 

Why Getting A Dog Changed My Life & Made Me A Better Person -From Roses. 
I can't have a dog because of Jordan allergies (when I'm a dog person this is complete torture!) so I'm living my life through Rebecca and her 2 gorgeous whippets. This blog post really resonated with me as being around a dog benefits my mental health. Rebecca has combined some great thoughts and gorgeous photography (her blog is really beautiful looking anyhow and my favourite ones to binge read!)

5 Lessons Learnt From A New Freelancer - Jess Who
Becoming Freelance is happening quite frequently in 2018 and it feels like a 'thing' everyone is doing. I've tripped into some freelance since leaving my job in March and I could resonate with this post with little experience compared to Jess. If you are thinking about going freelance in the future then I would definitely read Jess' post for some ideas on why you should think about before taking the leap.

Mental Health and Children - Jumpstart
*little secret, I wrote this post * but anyway, I'm currently studying a Diploma in Mental Health Studies through an online course and I always want to shine a light on the importance of MH. Probably more so when it comes to young people. I wrote this post as part of some of my freelance work with Louise's company and she's created a fantastic idea of providing workshops for Year 6 students taking their exams. I know I would have loved them!

6 Things I'd Tell My Teenage Self About Mental Health - The Curvaceous Vegan
Amie has been one of my all-time favourite people since the early days of blogging. There are so many people that after reading this post I instantly wanted to send it too. This post really resonated with me and those 6 things Amie would tell herself are the same I would tell myself too.

Spring Awakening at Hope Mill Theatre - Talk Stagey To Me
I swear losing my job came at a god awful time when it comes to theatre because I missed this incredible show in Manchester (it finishes this week! If anyone has a tardis I could borrow then I would be forever grateful). However, it hasn't stopped me reading some reviews, feeling incredibly jealous and then listening to the Spring Awakening soundtrack to help me through. Please let this go on a National Tour pretty please!

My First Half Marathon - Kirsty Ralph
My friend Kirsty smashed her first half marathon recently and I have loved reading into her journey of preparation and training up to the big day. This post shares her entire experience and i'm so proud of her for doing it, I just hope she'll give the London Marathon a go next ;)

Career or Starting A Family? As Women, Can We Do Both & Are We Holding Ourselves Back? - Sophie Rosie
Sophie creates content that gets me thinking. This one is no different. As a 26-year-old woman, I often discuss when I'll begin starting a family or putting my career first, probably more than I acknowledge. It's a really good overview that questions what Sophie has experienced/thought when reading a book but leaving it with open questions that will engage you in conversation. A great read for sure!

Read This If You're Feeling A Bit Flat About Work - Abi Richards
Abi Richards is one of my favourite bloggers right now. I love all of her content but this blog post is the best burst of motivation at the start of the week. I know so many people would love reading this and get something from it to apply to their week too.

5 Things That Have Made Me Feel Better Recently - Sophie Cliff
Sophie Cliff's installment of '10 Favourites This Week' inspired this 10 Good Things installment of mine but she also writes other incredible content. This post was really uplifting to read and her photos are gorgeous too! I don't know nobody who doesn't know and love Sophie's blog too, if you haven't read it then I would definitely urge you to!

What blogs are you loving recently?  

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  1. So many good posts on this list! I loved reading Amie's post too, and Imii's is so relatable��

    - Anne