How Female Friendships Change in Your Twenties.

Today I have a fantastic topic of 'How Female Friendships Change In Your Twenties' from Gemma for you to enjoy. Gemma is a blogger from the Suffolk area who is on a mission of all missions to cure loneliness amongst women. She wants to empower you to build self-worth, spark up your social life and ultimately help you to make rewarding and real friendships. Her blog How To Make Friends is well worth a read for all women. Juggling friendships throughout your twenties can be really difficult and I couldn't think of a more perfect individual to put together a guest post to help you.

Your twenties can bring massive changes to who you are, the path in life you’re going to take and most importantly your friendships. You will let get left out, left behind and forgotten – and it’s not pretty. Equally so you will outgrow friends, learn what toxic friends are and make loads of new friends along the way. Here are the 5 stages of how female friendships change in your twenties and a heads-up of how you may feel.   

5 Stages of How Female Friendships Change in your Twenties.

Stage 1 – ‘WTF am I doing?’

The transition from education to work life can be daunting. It will throw you out of your comfort zone and help you stand on your own two feet. You won’t have as much time to hang out with your friends, friends may relocate for jobs and friends may start settling down with partners. You will meet a lot of new people too that will serve as both lessons and blessings.   

Stage 2 – ‘Not another wedding!’

In your twenties suddenly massive life events are happening and no one prepares you for all the changes they bring. Career changes, house moves, weddings and babies can be stressful events. They cause priority changes between friends and cause comparison. Remember to take life at your own pace and be happy for your friends. Real friends celebrate each other’s successes.  

Stage 3 – ‘I have no friends!’

We’ve all been there. If you happen to find yourself as; the first mum, the re-locater or the last single friend it can be a lonely time. As priorities change so do friendships. This is the time when friendships need attention so that they don’t fizzle out. Temporary feelings of loneliness are absolutely ok and sometimes they are a great indicator that you have outgrown your current friends and are ready to make new friends.  

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Stage 4 – ‘I need new friends’

Although you may still love your old friends, you will make lots of new friends in your twenties too. These will be people you work with, people that have similar interests with or people that inspire you. This is when you will become more confident about who you are because these people will totally get you. Unfortunately some people will want you to do well but not better than them, which can cause old friendships to fade.

Stage 5 – ‘I’ve got this’

By your late twenties you will feel very much more like you’ve totally got this. It’s so overwhelming during your twenties to get lost in so much change that is happening to you and your friends. By your late twenties you will feel more self-confident, you will know what you want from life and even if you are yet to find them, you will know who you want in your friendship circle.


These 5 stages of friendship changes are totally normal for everyone and as are temporary feelings of loneliness. Concentrate on building your self-worth and friendship will naturally follow. Always make friendships a priority and throughout it all have an awesome time. You will never get your twenties back and although it can be a stressful time it can definitely be an enjoyable time too.


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