10 Good Things in July and August | 2018.

This is a PSA, Autumn is on its way! Hooray! :D Slightly clique for the bloggersphere but Autumn is my favourite time of the year (and even before it was "cool"). I'm ready for cosy knits and everything Pumpkin flavoured to grace my life.

So with that said, Summer is over. It's still quite warm but 90% of my wardrobe has been stored away to make room for my Autumn clothes and I'm delighted about it. Summer was pretty damn good though even if I did have some news in the family which meant I spent some weeks not being able to move because I'm crippled with anxiety. I'm really hoping the rest of 2018 will be so much better. Anyway here's 10 Good Things from the past two months to share with you!

New Job.
Now that Summer is over I'm back at work, full-time work and I'm delighted about it. I've only been in the role for 3 days by the time this post will be live but I am really enjoying it. If you didn't know I work in a local primary school as a Teaching Assistant. It's massively reinforced my love for working in education and I'm going to be taking on every opportunity provided to me which makes me very excited. I will be sharing a post about my experience of quitting my job and ending back where I was sometime in September so keep an eye out for that. 

Incredibles 2.
For my 27th Birthday at the end of July, we decided to do something quite low key and went to the cinema to watch Pixar's Incredibles 2. We were supposed to spend some of the day exploring the Cotswolds but then the heavens opened (and wouldn't stop) so we decided to cancel our plans, leave the festival camping site we were on and watch a film at the cinema. I did absolutely love the Incredibles 2 not gonna lie, I had waited too long for this sequel and it didn't disappoint. 

The Hills.
Twitter kind of blew up at the news that The Hills may be returning to our screens in the future so obviously, I got myself a Now TV subscription (which included 3 months free of Hayu) and have been binge watching episodes ever since. Trashy TV that I'll never stop loving, even if I realised from episode 1 how shady Heidi was definitely was. 

York has easily become one of my favourite places in the UK this year and more so thanks to a lovely weekend with Visit York in July. Me and Jordan headed up there for a weekend (you can read my post 48 hours in York) and I fell in love with the place. I'm still sharing some photos from the weekend on my Instagram and I'm really hoping that we can visit again before the year is out, I'd love to see the city before Christmas. 

One of my favourite things about Summer is festivals so I really enjoyed attending 3 this year. It started with Timber which is a new festival in the National Forest (and where I met my favourite YouTuber family, The Michalaks). I then went onto WOMAD which took place near the Cotswolds at the end of July and in mid-August we went to our local festival called Wicked Hathern. We definitely didn't have weather on our side for two of these festivals and so that was a slight pity!

I definitely think the UK had probably one of the best Summers for weather this year and I absolutely loved embracing the heatwave. I loved being able to relax in the garden with a book, eat dinner there too and also enjoy some lovely day trips outdoors too. I spent more time outside than I did inside and loved it!

Disenchantment on Netflix.
It's quite rare for me and Jordan to find a TV series we can enjoy together so Disenchantment is something that we have both enjoyed watching in bed at the end of the day. If you don't mind watching The Family Guy or The Simpsons then you'll enjoy this.

Notes on a Nervous Planet.
I read 5 books this Summer and Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig was hands down one of my favourites. I love books that touch on the subject of Mental Health and Matt Haig does it perfectly with his latest publication. 

Charity Books.
I've been purchasing quite a few books from local charity bookshops this Summer and haven't once picked up my Kindle (which I had planned to read from in the Summer). They're so affordable and the money goes to fantastic causes so I'm all up for it. It also makes my bookshelf look incredibly full which is always a good sign!

Clear Out. 
I had the biggest clear out during the August Bank Holiday and it was so refreshing! I still have some areas to do (like my cleaning products cupboard but I feel so much more organised in my home!)

What good things happened for you in July and August?
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  1. I love autumn as well! I think blackberry picking has been a recent highlight for me. Must make sure we again in the next day or two as they ripened early this year with all the sun. I can't believe that sports day got postponed twice for it being to hot! Best yet, the sun lasted over the holidays too. Spending so much time outside was definitely a delight for me to.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! It sounds like you've had a great summer :) & Congratulations on your new job! I hope you are enjoying it so far :D xx