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ISTD's DANCE Magazine

Imperial House, 22-26 Paul St, London EC2A 4QE, UK

Through the post earlier this month I received a copy of ISTD's Magazine DANCE and I couldn't wait to give it a read ahead of a review for you guys to read and hopefully check out..

The Imperial Society of Teachings of Dancing (or ISTD) which opened in 1904 is one of the world's leading dance examination boards with the widest range of dance genres available. They are a registered educational charity which provides support and training through a wide variety of courses, teaching syllabus and techniques. The magazine itself was published more than 100 years ago (amazing) and is the main publication available from the ISTD and is sent out to all ISTD members around the world.

The magazine DANCE itself contains the latest news and activities from the ISTD and from their members based around the world. Members of the ISTD receive the magazine as part of their subscription, however the magazine is available for anybody to sign up to.

For me the cover really suggested a fun and enjoyable approach with the image of a young girl in poised in a National Dance. The bright colours in the picture as well as the bright yellow banner situated on the left side of the magazine gives for engaging viewing. Knowing from the introduction at the start of the magazine from editor Tamsin Moore, I was curious what the 471 issue of DANCE had to offer, in particular never reading the magazine before. 

The first feature which really struck at me was 'Twitter, the Basics' written by Jane Cuppage which was really specific but a really informal article which was exactly what it said on the tin. It even helped me who is very engaged in social media, in particular Twitter a new bit of knowledge and understanding of a platform that expands so quickly. A lot of young professionals/companies could really benefit from reading this article and improve their social media presence. 

A particularly poignant article for me in this issues DANCE was a transcript of Claire Cunningham's thoughts as part of Radio 4's Four Thought programme. I have always been particularly interested in Claire Cunningham's work and remembering listening to this programme, some of the things she said are so important; 

I had always thought that dance was for - as I would have referred to them at that time - able bodied, super fit people, people who could move really quickly and jump and had straight pointy arms and straight pointy legs - clean lines. That's not my body  - Claire Cunningham 
It was a really enjoyable feature to read, in particularly as my personal interests lie within this part of the dance sector. The article was a progression of her dance career, her attitude to dance and the relationship it had with her body. It was a real comfort for me to see ISTD recognising the width of the dance sector and acknowledging the acceptance of the disabled body within dance. 

Their other feature was one which focused on faculty history, in this issue it was specifically on Latin American Dance. It provided a real depth of context to the style and it's development within the history of the ISTD organisation. I would be really interested from this to continue reading on more of their faculty's and how they developed in the organisation from this read. 

As this magazine is primarily for the ISTD members there was a really emphasis on them and their services, users. There is enough information on opportunities to develop, train and be involved within the ISTD without being overpowering and forgetting to draw upon the dance sector as a whole. I enjoyed how the organisation included staff changes into this issue, it shows that the ISTD really emphasis on being great communicators about their organisation. The courses really engaged my own thoughts about CPD and developing my own understanding of teaching. 

I would definitely urge you all to give their DANCE magazine a look, it's really informative, engaging and insightful to a dance sector that is developing and changing for our next generation of professional dancers.

Please do check out ISTD's website www.istd.org for further information about their organisation and all of the opportunities they have available.


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