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24th Birthday Adventure to London!

London, UK

Last month myself and Jordan popped into London to spend a day shopping and then off to a surprise restaurant for my 24th birthday (more on the restaurant later).

I was in my absolute element as Jordan hadn't ever visited London properly so being the lover of all things London I decided to take lead in our day and ensure he experienced some of the best things that London has to offer. Now the thought of moving around using the tube a few years ago would have made me feel terrible and frightened in an instant, finding any way that I could to avoid using them. Since last year I have got really comfortable and confident in using them, learning the routes to the places I wanted to go before I went down there and as a result calming my fears! I decided that first we should head straight over to Camden Market. I've loved Camden Market ever since I first walked the cobbled streets and smelt all the amazing amounts of food that they had to offer. I enjoy the variety of stuff that there is available there and it's always a joyful experience.

It really helped that the weather for our adventure was SO nice and summery, it makes you enjoy the day a lot more. I really enjoyed throughout the various paths to different parts of the market, looking through old record vinyl covers which I would like to put all over the wall near my deskspace. However I did manage to not buy any so must go back before Christmas and stock up! I was really drawn to little corners of treasure, I don't know how I managed to keep my pennies firmly in my purse to be honest. We managed to see the Cereal Killer Cafe based in Camden Market which looked amazing, however I was craving some noodles very badly so it's on my list for the next visit for sure! I spent most of the time admiring their shop top which was full of old VHS tapes! I found The Little Mermaid which was my favourite growing up and was a nice bit of nostalgia for me on the journey.  

After over 3 hours spent mooching around Camden Market I dragged (quite literally) down Oxford Street where I mooched around Pandora, purchasing a new ring with the birthday money from my parents and paying a visit to the LUSH store that had not long opened up on Oxford Street. I have a separate blog for that coming up, I spent a ridiculous of amount on a lot of the exclusive products and it was such a lovely experience. After a quick browse on Oxford Street we decided to head over to the Natural History Museum to do for the rest of our Saturday afternoon. 

The weather London had for us made the beauty of the Natural History Museum more apparent, you forget the treasures hidden across the capital and what it has to offer. Having never been to this part of London it was like the ideal place we all dream of when thinking of London (I might be the only one in this dream world) and was very excited to see what it had in store. As you walk into the Hintze Hall you are hit with the height of the building as well as the Diplodocus skeleton cast which has now been in the museum for over 100 years! There is so much for you to check out within the museums, you can learn more about dinosaurs, rocks, the natural world and even see parts of actual meteorite! I couldn't believe how much they packed into little areas over the museum but there was definitely room for more stuff so let's email them our suggestions ;)!

I'm pretty sad that I couldn't stay in the Natural History Museum for a long duration, the amount of people compacted into the walls made me feel extremely anxious and so I ended up having to leave after just over an hour... I did manage to have a ice cream before we left. We then decided to slowly make our way to the restaurant that Jordan had booked for dinner. Based near Angel tube station, Islington we found the place tucked away down a little road which had a variety of different restaurants and pubs to choose from. I could smell so much good food so was looking forward to seeing what Cafe Pistou had to offer!

 On arrival the place looked gorgeous, painted in a gorgeous pale blue and interior to interest any Pinterest lover like myself I was looking forward to having a wonderful experience after a great day wondering the streets of London. Cafe Pistou offered a wide range of plates on it's brassierie menu, along with some great choice of cocktails too. I opted for a ribeye steak with fries and a mojito cocktail (because who doesn't enjoy a good mojito on a early Saturday evening?)
Now it's really unoften for me to sit and talk negatively of an experience but my dining experience at Cafe Pistou really wasn't that enjoyable (gutting). Despite it being an early Saturday evening it wasn't busy so I expected the service to be fluent, friendly and fast.. of which they didn't tick. It took over 10 minutes for us to receive menus and for our drink orders to be taken. Our waitress obviously was new to the team and felt uncomfortable with what she was having to do.

When my food arrived it came without my sides so I just sat with a ribeye steak and sauce in front of me whilst J had his full plate, it took 15 minutes for my sides to come out.. so frustrating! The food itself tasted alright it's just a shame that the service is such an important element of the experience and I was let down by that of Cafe Pistou. I walked away smelling all the other yummy foods that other restaurants were offering in the hope I could probably have enough stomach left to digest something else. All in all as always I enjoyed my day out in London and Jordan had planned a really lovely day to celebrate my 24th Birthday. Is there anyone out there who has recommendations for restaurants around Central London I can try out next time I visit? 


  1. My favourite restaurant is Hush in Mayfair! It's quite expensive but it's so nice and you can sit outside. I took my mum last year for her birthday and they surprised her with a delicious birthday desert and sang for her!xxx

  2. Such a lovely post! I'm heading to London for a couple of days in September so this was very helpful! The National History Museum looks amazingggg :) I used to be so scared of the tube too! But after my friend showed me how easy it is last year, I've also got over it, yay :) Shame about the restaurant experience, but glad you have a fab time overall! x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  3. It's so weird that we both went to London for our birthdays and both headed for Camden market first haha! I went back in June for my 21st and I loved it, London is my favourite place :)

    Just Little Things xo


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