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Wicked Hathern Festival, Leicestershire

Hathern, Loughborough, UK

So last weekend myself, Jordan and my parents decided to attend the Wicked Hathern Festival in my village. Since moving here over 2 months ago it was always our intention to attend the event. It was the fourth year running that the festival took place, hosting a wide variety of local bands as well as some comedy acts too. It's fun for the whole family with even some family friendly fun squeezed in for good measure. The event raises money for local charities and groups too!

Well firstly the weather wasn't the best (well we live in England so what do we expect from our summer right?) so it was a quick pit stop to the nearest bar tent in the hope a slight summer themed refreshment will make me believe it's actually around 30 degrees. I decided to try out some of the cocktails from the Beetle-Juice guys! They had a offer 2for£10 cocktails until 5pm so I took advantage of the offer, obviously!

It was really great to watch a whole host of various local bands take to the stage and perform their talents, it really accompanied the atmosphere and lots of people started to gather to enjoy the festival as much as we did. At one point Jordan even decided to grab me for a quick dance (which of course made me VERY embarrassed!) and have you noticed Jordan's choice of body art for the festival?

 Later in the afternoon some sun decided to show it's face and we were able to start fully enjoying our experience at the festival, also involving getting my mum to buy a flower garland and having something small painted on her face. The body art was kindly provided by my fellow colleagues at work, The Kings Arms which is one of the pubs based in my village.  There was a lot to do within the festival, lots of play equipment provided for the younger audience, lots of various food stalls for people to choose from and something to suit everybody's taste buds during the day.

After a quick pit stop back to my house for some well needed refreshments of burgers we headed back to the festival for the evenings entertainment. This time we decided to head towards the big tent where there was people performing acoustically before two comedians took to the stage. Now I am a fan of comedy but sometimes I have mixed reviews on whether I enjoy those live. Both of the acts chosen definitely catered towards the adult audience, some of it being highly inappropriate and near on cringe worthy! Watching these made me start to dislike my experience and feel uncomfortable in the presence of other people surrounding me within the tent.

We didn't manage to make it to the end of the festival but I did however enjoy my experience and would totally be attending (if there is one) next year, it's a great way to begin to close the summer months and look ahead to autumn (i'm mahoosive autumn weather fan!) Attending this festival and losing my festival-virginity (as one would say) has now made me want to seek further afield to other festivals and hopefully attend one in 2016, who knows?! It was also really nice to experience this festival with my parents who are also festival-virgins, I think I have encouraged them to go to another one next year too, bonus!


  1. That sounds like a great little festival! Definately have to look out for it next year! I went to glastonbudget a couple of years ago, that was somewhere near loughborogh and it was loads of tribute acts!! I really enjoyed it!! Im going to v fest this weekend and I am really nervous haha but hopefully my anxiety wont get in the way and I will have a really good week!!


    1. It's so good, was surprised how good it was for a small local fest! Yeah glastonbudget is quite popular with young people, I've heard. AHHH have fun at V fest! :D xx

  2. Omg, It just hit me after I pressed send that I didnt mention glastonbudget is all in aid of LOROS and we should totally go next year :)

  3. Yay for getting your mum to wear a flower garland! This sounds like a lovely festival to go to with your family, sounds like you had a great time. You should totally explore more festivals in the future, they're so much fun! I actually went to Glastonbury this year, it was awesome!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I know she totally went with it al! Yeah I think it's on my bucket list now to experience more festivals, I'd love to go Glastonbury for my 25th next year so I keep hinting to my boyfriend ;) who knows!

      Em xx

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  5. Jordan and your parents festival programmed are exceptional,they decorated band party for gives funny moment and collection money gives local charities.


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