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Oaks, Nottingham

2 Bromley Pl, Nottingham NG1 6JG, UK

Hanging out with fellow bloggers is one of my most favourite things about blogging, it gives me the opportunity to connect with new friends and share ideas and inspiration to develop my content. In the East Midlands we have created a group of bloggers who meet on a regular basis in different parts of the East Midlands county, this was the 3rd time I had attended such an event and was very excited when Hannah (my admin partner for the Facebook/Twitter groups for the group, an amazing right wing woman to add) announced she had arranged for us to head to OAKS in Nottingham for lunch. Get your food envy at the ready...

OAKS is situated on Bromley Place, which is around a 15 minute walk from the train station and just around the corner from Nottingham's Cat Cafe (wondering why I still haven't been there to be honest). Serving up a whole host of homemade sausages as well as an array of meat and fish combinations, OAKS offers it's customers a modern menu that is smoked in a custom built grill stocked with wood from the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. The OAKS appearance offered contemporary, modern interior which would take a place in you Pinterest board in a heartbeat, it was obviously a well looked after place that offered a relaxing environment for any paying customer. We where seated on the most most beautiful tiled table (which made our plates slid around whilst we eat, bit annoying when your trying to cut up a giant sausage).

The waitress offered the opportunity to talk to us a little more about what was available on the menu, a lot of their story and recommendations, after all it was slightly overwhelming how many options where available to us. I'm known to often not test out new tastes so OAKS offered me the opportunity to do that and I was excited to see what the tastes were.

Being undecided within the group on which nibbles to have we decided to have one of everything, therefore we were able to purchase one of everything to spread amongst the table. The pork crackling described by a fellow blogger as 'pig flavoured prawn crackers' where actually more spicier than I had anticipated so I didn't enjoy them as much as I quite had hoped. Whilst many people prefer their pork crackling to be very salty, these where quite the opposite and wasn't the flavour I had expected at all. My favourites where the almonds, merely because they are something quick but delightful before you indulge in the main course of the evening. I'm not really a fan of olives so I would have had liked to have more options available but it was obvious that they wanted to save the best for the main course. The portion sizes for the nibbles definitely elaborated this.

As you can see by the picture below typical food bloggers were on hand to ensure they got the right image of the nibbles for their blogs too.

The homemade sausages on offer in the menu ranged from a tempting Chicken, Asparagus, Ricotta, Lemon and Sage to Beef, Gruvere, Red Onion and Red Wine, reasonably ranged from £5.95 to £7.95. Not sure what to get my teeth into and having to seek the advice from every person on the table I opted to try out the Pork, Pancetta and Paprika going for an assortment of flavours I wouldn't necessarily have given a go before. I also decided on some fries to go with my sausage and opted out for a bun that I wouldn't have probably consumed.

What was presented to me on the table was not at all how I imagined, the sausage filled the plate leaving very little space to squeeze in the side order of chips I ordered too! It was clear that the price reflected in the quality of the product and the smell was making it very hard not to gobble up before taking a quick snap for you all. As you can see you know why..

Everyone overall enjoyed their dishes and struggled to consume all that was on their plate. My sausage was soft and delightful in taste, I was thoroughly surprised by how much I seemed to enjoy it and would definitely go back and try a different one next time.

I'm surprised that we all had room for pudding but as they say when there's a will there's a way. I decided to opt for the 'lighter' option and gave their Carrot Cake (yes CARROT CAKE) and Vanilla ice cream a go. I wasn't disappointed in what option I made it was light, refreshing and delicious! However I do wish I had some room left to test out their doughnuts too, they looked incredible!

If you are in the Nottingham area then please do head over to OAKS and try out their products, you won't be disappointed by the quality of both their service and food they have to offer.

*Oaks in Nottingham invited me along to their restaurant in return for this review to be created. views and photos are my own and have not been endorsed in any way by the company or other users of the product.


  1. The food looks yummy ♥♥


  2. Oh wow, looks good. Possibly somewhere for me to try when I'm back in Nottinghamshire over Christmas - thanks!


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