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The Bru Coffee Festive Menu, Leicester

20-22 Granby St, City Centre, Leicester LE1 1DE, UK

We all know as soon as November arrives everyone goes absolutely Christmas crazy! We're all discussing our Christmas plans, smelling the Christmas candles, finding our perfect Christmas decorations. Above everything, bloggers become obsessed with the launch of festive drinks and snacks everywhere, I know your all taking your latest Instagram snaps of the Costa festive cups! 

When the lovely Chloe from Brü invited us local bloggers in Leicester to test drive their new festive menu, how could we say no? It involves cake (i'm sorry for the food envy your about to experience!)

Brü situated on Granby Street opened it's doors back in March 2014, in a city which has become very populated by a variety of large coffee chains over the past few years, Brü is open day AND night to be there for your caffeine and cake needs (they also do VERY delicious milkshakes!). Their menu offers their own specially crafted blend of coffee, freshly made food and gelato which are sourced locally. Their interior is customized. using a combination of up-cycling and vintage pieces to provide the space an enjoyable place to visit. There's something interesting to the eye everywhere you look. 

Our first taster was the range of hot drinks Brü had to offer this festive season. Beautifully presented to us on planks of wood in miniature jars where the four festive drinks Brü were launching this year, three of which where hot chocolates and one of which was a coffee. My absolute favourite seasonal drink is a Gingerbread Latte, as I cannot always drink a lot of caffeine the Brü team had got the blend perfect and it was a really delightful drink. It rises above Costa as it's served in a mason jar, WINNER. At the price of £3.95 for the full sized version, you cannot go wrong! 

Next along we tested out their Hot Chocolates, nothing screams winter more than a good Hot Chocolate! We tried their Orange Hot Chocolate, which was definitely the most enjoyed by all of the group. There isn't a flavour (besides Gingerbread) that reminds me more of Christmas than a chocolate orange, I definitely go overload during Christmas to eat as many Terry's Chocolate Oranges as possible! Hot favourite from last Christmas, Bru's Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate returns to their menu. I wanted to dip my Oero into the Hot Chocolate just to make it even better, often seen as quite a sickly combination was actually really pleasant to drink. The Mint Hot Chocolate was a surprise enjoyment for myself, mint is not necessarily my favourite taste but I found Bru's blend to be just right and not too heavy at all. All of us where all so taken by the Festive Indulgences taste boards that we tried to convince the team that these should be available in their cafe, especially helpful for those who are always spoilt for choice (me!) so please do give them plenty of prodding with my permission!

Being pretty full already by this point and having so much sugar I should have probably gone for a brisk walk to burn it off, we where not complete with the products just yet! Next came along platters absolutely covered with cakes! Cakes of all colours, sizes and textures.. OH BOY they looked good!  

My eyes instantly drew to the huge slab of chocolate cake (I mean who doesn't!) which looked divine. Layers of light, fluffy and eggless sponge (yes you heard eggless) stood before me. It was chocolate orange cake, it tasted as good as it sounds. However, upon discussion I don't think I could consume all of the cake by myself. Next to it stood a white chocolate and passionfruit cake, which sounds like an unpleasant combination but was actually the perfect combination (good work Bru!). It had a really delightful flavouring that wasn't too overpowered by the fruit or chocolate, not sickly at all. Being another eggless wonder, makes for absolute thumbs up for people who have egg free diets.

Next up was a raspberry torte which had a really tangy raspberry topping that complimented the rich and creamy taste on offer. It was a product that was so beautifully presented that you don't want to destroy it with your forks.

Stollen is a flavour I haven't ever really experienced so when Bru presented it on the platter and all of the bloggers present said what a real great treat it was I knew I had to give it a go. Containing spices, currants and marzipan I was curious to see what my taste buds would think to it. It was lovely! I could really imagine myself enjoying it with a small cup of custard on top, who doesn't love custard on their puddings?

Now onto the muffins! Muffins for me are a perfect companion to my morning cup of coffee so I was excited to see what their autumnal flavour combinations had to offer! I also used to work in a muffin shop so I always have a special place in my heart for them! The black treacle muffin was a surprise enjoyment, it had a real Christmas feel to it and I could see myself enjoying it with a Gingerbread Latte (I think i've decided on my purchases for my next visit!). There was also a very moist chocolate muffin topped off with a Santa because what doesn't say Christmas more than chocolate and Christmas toppings! There was no dry muffins here, nice work Bru!

SOO you can probably guess by this point we where so full that we couldn't possibly consume anymore sweet food. But I think you'd agree when you see the pictures that they save the best until last, introducing a special Leicester collaboration, drumroll please *drumrolls* THE CHRISTMAS AMORE WAFFLE! 

Created by Bru in partnership with local chocolatiers, Cocoa Amore of whom I feel like I need to introduce myself to because they're stuff sounds amazing came this delightful creation. Featuring Bru's own signature waffles, made with eggless dough rather than the usual batter that we all know them to be made of. These are far better with crisp edges, adding a great texture to the dish and far better than the American style waffles.

On top of the waffle is a full sized dark chocolate brownie, which is served warm. It's a really incredible tasty thing! Served over that is a nice scoop of hazelnut ice cream, chocolate sauce, a flake or a 'yule log' because it's Christmas and we need to use our imagination here guys! To finish it off there's a beautiful delicate chocolate snowflake, shimmering with gold (oooo), made especially for Bru by the wonderful chocolatiers at Cocoa Amore. As you'll see from the photos it looks absolutely incredible! This can be judged to be a two man pudding but if your feeling like you need a huge fix of Chocolate after a tough week of work then this is the product that your after for sure ;)! I couldn't handle more than a few spoonfuls after all that sugar!

So thanks to Bru for the great evening, showcasing to us bloggers the amazing things that lie behind your doors. I would like to thank you for inviting local bloggers to your independent business in my hometown, there's so many gems out there! Yes I think we definitely all enjoyed sampling your products, so much so that the chocolate cake made it's way onto my camera lens as I tried to sample a slice.. oops!

I would urge you all to go and check out their products if your ever in Leicester, they're a 5 minute walk from the train station and city centre. They are well worth a visit, they have a friendly team and a great cafe atmosphere for your every chilling out needs!


  1. This looks like the dream bloggers event! All that yummy food and drink *drools*. I think I'd have a sugar coma after all of that! x
    more about cat | uk lifestyle blog

    1. It really was even if I didn't feel full of sugar afterwards! Make sure if your ever in the area to check it out :-)!

      Emmie x


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