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Loughborough Fair

Loughborough, UK

There's a bit of a well known tradition that comes to my local hometown of Loughborough every November which gives us the perfect lead up to the Christmas month. The traditional fair which happens has been around since the 1950s, even earlier than that so I read so it has a huge place within the social calender for Loughborough.

Every year since I can remember it was something I enjoyed with my dance school friends, I used to dance just up the road from where the fair took place so it was something we looked forward to on a Saturday afternoon after our classes finished. When myself, Jordan took a walk around the fair this year as a last minute thing to squeeze in last week I decided to take some videos of our little adventure for you to enjoy.
Now sadly I''m not a particular fan on the big rides, for the sheer fear that I'm going to fall out of whatever ride I am on and die a horrible death (thank Final Destination for those horrible thoughts that have been created over the years!). So more of my enjoyment comes from wondering around the fair, taking in all of the smells of the delicious food on offer (in particular the doughnuts which I never leave the fair without consuming) and the sights of the many bright lights of the various rides.

This fair didn't feel the same for me this year, I couldn't find myself enjoying the atmosphere as I usually do so much in previous years. This year it felt overwhelmed with food carts and 'hook a duck' games, there wasn't much variety in rides and it felt like there was the same things over and over again as we walked by but still there some was favourites of mine available! There was a ride called 'Twister' (I believe) which is actually a ride I enjoy going on and would happily go on more than one opportunity. I also enjoy a ride which is like a bucking bull but includes music and is so much fun, but an absolute mission to keep on the bull without falling on your bottom, whilst also looking very hilarious as you can imagine.

Walking around the fair definitely gets me in the mood to begin the task of my Christmas shopping and gets me very for Christmas markets which I will be attending over the next few weeks so expect those posts to be live soon! I absolutely can't wait for the festive season to truly kick in after attending the Loughborough fair. Please do go and check it out if your ever around the area during November and let me know your thoughts, sadly they are only there for 4 days. It isn't like a lot of other fairs which happen around our area and last for a longer duration.


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