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Switching off.

Leicester, UK

These are some of my favourite images taken from 2015 and it reflects one of my favourite times in the year, bonfire night. I couldn't find a specific post to use them for and as November 5th passed me by whilst having my laptop repaired, I still wanted to share these moments with you and find them a purpose on this blog. So let's talk a little about an important subject of knowing when to 'switch off'.

As somebody who suffers with anxiety, with that I hold a lot (often too much) pressure on myself to be better than what I can be and overdo it with working. I'm often plagued with illness by completely overdoing it and struggling to say no to things which are out of my reach, just because I feel like I have to and the worry of not affording to live comfortably week after week plays on my mind far too regularly. I often find that my days off are full to the rim with catch ups with friends or the housework/ blog and I completely forget about number one, me. With this in mind I've tried to make the most of the 24 hours in the day when they arrive and know when to switch off.

Most of my free time is limited to the times I have in the evening when I get home from work. A year ago I had a morning to get stuff done or a few hours in the afternoon/evening and I took this for granted on many occasions. I miss the days when I would get when I'm ready, when my body is ready to. However this isn't to say my evenings are wasted because I've learnt a lot since I began my position in a school and I have found it so helpful in making the most of what time I had.

I usually arrive home now around 4.30 unless it's Thursday then I'm not home until 7.00pm so that's the day when I don't even attempt to commit myself to anything else in the evening. When I arrive home the first thing I will do is check the to-do list that I created for myself on Sunday evening. This contains a list of all the stuff I need to complete in the week, whether that's a couple of blog posts, an email that must be sent or even to participate in a Twitter chat. I've made it my individual mission to ensure that I do at least two a week! It's definitely overwhelming but I think I am managing it more than ever well.

I think it's so important as bloggers and as human beings generally that we learn when it's right to 'switch off' and when we should stop loading unnecessary pressures on ourselves. After all we're only human and it's nice some days just to sit with a cup of tea and watch something on TV or read my book. I tend to 'switch off' around 8/9pm and don't really do anything on the blog front after then, unless it's the weekend. It's benefited the blog content I now create because I am really motivated in the time I am given to get stuff done.

It's difficult these days not to stop working, if we struggle to get any form of satisfaction/joys from our jobs then we tend to seek that through extra activity, like blogging. Also our Costa addictions don't just fund themselves do they? I know that I need to have some time out sometimes so I don't suppose there is anyone out there who disagrees with that statement.

I really hope that sometime this week you'll have the time to switch off to do something you enjoy, whether that's reading a book or a big hot bubble bath. We all deserve some time out, so spend it well my people! Go and pop on that kettle, i'll chat to you soon!


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