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The Hockley Arts Club, Nottingham

20a Carlton St, Nottingham NG1 1NN, UK

There's a spanking new club in Nottingham and after reading this post I know you'll want to go and visit them. Hidden away in independent Hockley down one of Nottingham's many winding passages you'll soon find The Hockley Arts Club. Situated in a gorgeous Victorian Grade-11 listed building, the creative team who are behind the popular cult venue Das Kino (also based in Nottingham) have transformed the former offices of George Wigley and Son's silk merchants and importers into a timeless new venue fit for all your social needs. So when I was invited along to the pre-launch evening I knew I had to check it out, I mean after checking out their Instagram photos I had to see the finishing product for myself.

As we walked into the venue my first thought was the atmosphere that the team had managed to create, candles situated on every table and lamps to provide that comfortable and relaxing environment for it's customers. There are 3 floors to this venue, yes 3 so there's tons for you to discover. The ground floor hosted Mid-Century furniture, wood panelling and a back based bar stocked for all of your cocktail needs.

Now the second floor was when it became interesting, I started to feel like I was part of some elusive members club. Situated on the stairs are a few things that catch your eye without feeling like it's overwhelming with 'junk' that doesn't fit the venue. I particularly enjoyed the knight in armour. The height of this building is really showcased within this room, where you can see all sorts of paintings and stag heads placed on the walls. The bar definitely dominates this space and you are able to see a lot of the buildings original features, leading into a series of Grade II listed spaces where the historic nature and structure of the place have still been preserved for you to enjoy.

One feature which particularly was my favourite in this space was the little room situated at the back, it had a great O and X wall that really lifted the colour to the floor. This was a really nice space for people like me who didn't enjoy standing amongst a lot of people and felt like a nice quiet space to have a good natter with friends. There was a function space situated on the third floor but we was unable to see this as there had been a powercut on earlier in the evening.

As part of the evening we were able to sample The Hockley Arts Club's cocktail menu. In a small booklet was the range of drinks that the venue provided, presented through beautiful illustrations in a small booklet. On offer was 3 cocktails (one which I can't remember the name of). Myself and Jordan decided to give 'When life gives you lemons' and 'Twister' a go, we wasn't disappointed. They both tasted delicious, the Twister one came with it's very own mini Twister and the other tasted exactly like sherbet lemons, yummy!

Overall the atmosphere and cocktails were amazing and really presented the venue to myself within this first preview. Sadly I didn't sample any of the food that was going to be on offer within the venue, some strange reason the canapés never came our way which was slightly disappointing. I didn't stay long due to feeling slightly anxious but I'm already planning my next visit the venue and can't wait to visit again. Thanks for the invite Hockley Arts Club, you've really found your feet in Nottingham and I'm sure your venue will be an enjoyable success.


  1. This club looks so cool! And the drinks look fantastic as well!



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