Created in 2014, Carpe Diem Emmie is a Midlands based Lifestyle, Theatre and Travel blog. Ran by Emmie, a 28 year old woman based in rural Leicestershire.

In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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Revolución de Cuba, Nottingham

Mojitos are without a doubt one of my guilty pleasures, they're always my first choice when deciding on what cocktail to have! When Fiona from Tank PR invited me along to the launch night for Nottingham's new Revolución de Cuba last week I knew I had to take the opportunity and what a perfect event to attend before Christmas. With the development of a great night scene developing across the City Centre in Nottingham and with new bars opening on a regular basis (including The Hockley Arts Club which I visited back in November), would Revolución de Cuba be able to stand out amongst all of this activity and be a leader in the sort after venue to go to in Nottingham!

East Midlands Bloggers go to Lincoln Christmas Market.

I can't believe around 8/9 months ago a group on Facebook/Twitter was created for East Midlands Bloggers and we started to outreach in search for bloggers around my area. Little did we know what was in store and how many people we'd encounter, some have become some of my absolute bestest friends! We spoke about the idea of attending Lincoln's Christmas Market on our first meet in May and I knew instantly I would make the time to go. So when December rolled round quicker than I had anticipated I couldn't wait to pop on the train and see some lovely bloggers from around my area up in Lincoln.

It's good to point out here that some of the bloggers from our first meet up didn't attend this event due to other commitments which made me feel very sad (I know most of them will read this so giving them a small guilt trip!) very excited to be organising a get together with those ladies in the New Year though! I hope you enjoy reading this post and if your from around the East Midlands and want to get involved in our meet ups I'll leave the information in how you can at the bottom, enjoy.

10 Favourite Christmas Films

So BLOGMAS is a 'thing' in the blogging world and whoever is doing it, I bow down to you. Quite frankly the thought of attempting to daily blog until Christmas Eve feels me with utter dread because I just don't have the time with working most days of the week. Anyway it's the 1st D…

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