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Revolución de Cuba, Nottingham

Mojitos are without a doubt one of my guilty pleasures, they're always my first choice when deciding on what cocktail to have! When Fiona from Tank PR invited me along to the launch night for Nottingham's new Revolución de Cuba last week I knew I had to take the opportunity and what a perfect event to attend before Christmas. With the development of a great night scene developing across the City Centre in Nottingham and with new bars opening on a regular basis (including The Hockley Arts Club which I visited back in November), would Revolución de Cuba be able to stand out amongst all of this activity and be a leader in the sort after venue to go to in Nottingham!

Located in the heart of Nottingham on Market Street, a stone throw away from the Old Market Square, Revolución de Cuba proudly stands with a striking red coloured lighting and a huge entrance leaving little to be seen from the street. Situated in the old Mechanics Institution, the feel for the place comes alive as soon as you open their doors. There was live music playing, people mingling around with drinks and food, friendly staff and gorgeous decor. It wasn't long after we arrived and took in everything in the space before we where ushered to where we needed to go and offered a cocktail to begin our evening, I believe it was a Island Iced Tea which was absolutely delicious considering it's not a cocktail I would consider purchasing and was presented in a classic mason jar! I quickly swooped up the menu and checked out their selection of cocktails and drinks available, there was teapot cocktails which I am dying to try. it's basically another excuse to visit in the near future. Many of the organisers of the event came and introduced themselves which I really liked, giving me a chance to put a face to those individuals who had organised the event. They also ensured we knew what was in store for the evening and I couldn't wait.

Our first stop of the evening was upstairs where we was shown the location of where our basic Salsa Dancing would be taking place. This was located in one of their separate bars which had lots of space to mingle, have a few cocktails and also participate in Salsa classes which apparently will become a regular thing at Revolución de Cuba, which I think is bloody brilliant and great publicity for what the place provides.

We then walked through into a space which completely surprised me and was definitely a highlight of the evening for me. Centred in the middle was a rounded bar perfectly accompanied by around 6 booths for you to chill out in. It felt like the perfect space to chill out on a weekday evening with your friends after a tough day at work. In this room we were treated to a selection of mojitos, classic or passion fruit for us to get our hands on and try out for ourselves. I always enjoy how mojitos are presented with the mint leaves floating around the glass and how the smell of mint fills your nostril before you take your first sip, delicious! The team didn't let us down in their presentation and creation of mojitos, it was then over to us to make our own mojitos behind the bar. Jordan decided to go for the classic mojito proudly rubbing out the flavour of mint from the mint leaves and mixing the rum into the glass before I stepped up and showed my old cocktail bar tender skills! I opted for a raspberry mojito, a flavour I hadn't tried with mojitos and sounded refreshing. The hardest part for me was making sure I didn't spill the ingredients all over the bar top, a common occurance attempting to make cocktails in good time. I was very impressed with my mojito, it was yummy!

You can see a image of both of our finished cocktails plus one of their passion fruit ones below! I definitely enjoyed consuming these cocktails before it was onto the next activity.

Next on the evening's agenda was a rum tasting session. I think Jordan was definitely more excited for this activity as he drinks rum quite often at home so was keen to see what he was about to test. We tasted 3 different rums in all and whilst there isn't an image to show you, this activity was really fun. The young chap who spoke us through this activity was great, clearly showing a keen interest in rums and their background stories which I surprisingly enjoyed too! I found myself sat in a booth alongside Jeremy from Jeremys Food Tour who had followed me on Twitter a while back, his blog is great so definitely go and check it out if your a massive fan of food and trying new places! We instantly got chatting about other places in Nottingham and looking forward to hanging out in 2016.

After all of that rum I needed to definitely get my dancing shoes, luckily it was time to try out some Salsa Dancing. It is definitely a style of dance I am familiar with from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing but hadn't tried out for myself so when I heard that it was involved in this evening's event I knew I would enjoy it. Everyone in attendance of the event pretty much got involved with this activity, giving it a go and getting in there dancing in partners with complete strangers. I did have a few giggles at myself for forgetting I have a left and right foot, ending up in completely turning and moving in the wrong direction. Oh to think I am a dancer too? apologises to those who had to put up with my poor concentration levels. It was a really enjoyable activity, leaving me to consider being on the lookout for Salsa dance lessons in my area when the new year approaches. 

After all that rum drinking and salsa dancing it was time to tuck into their buffet on offer. The presentation of the food looked incredible and the smell was even better let me tell you! I quickly grabbed my plate and stocked it high with every dish that was on offer, I knew I had to give anything a go that I wouldn't usually go for. I was especially a fan of their Paella which was presented in the biggest dish I had ever seen. It was a really light tasting but filling product that I couldn't get enough off. I enjoyed it more than I thought and would definitely return to Revolución de Cuba for a few more helpings of the product too! 

To finish off my night before heading back to Leicester I decided to give one of their Daiquiri cocktails a taste, especially as I needed to wash down all of the food I had just consumed from the buffet. With a little hand from the bar tender, there was far too much choice on offer! I went for the Toffee Apple flavoured daiquiri, oh it was delicious! Really light, sweet and a great substitute for a pudding anyway! It was that tasty that I even managed to persuade Jeremy to get one too!

Overall what an absolutely wonderful evening hosted by Revolución de Cuba and the Tank PR team. An exciting evening filled to the brim with greatness. With spot on tasting cocktails, salsa dancing and live music on a daily basis there's no better place than this! So if your about in Nottingham over the upcoming days, weeks, months then definitely walk up Market Street and say hello to the team at Revolución de Cuba you will not be disappointed!

Thanks for the invite, I know I am already planning my visit when I next come up to Nottingham.

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  1. Mojitos are definitely one of my favorite drinks too! Sounds like this was such a fun event!



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