Created in 2014, Carpe Diem Emmie is a Midlands based Lifestyle, Theatre and Travel blog. Ran by Emmie, a 28 year old woman based in rural Leicestershire.

In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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REVIEW | Miss Saigon, Prince Edward Theatre

It's tradition with my mum and I that late January we always take a coach to London with some old dancing friends to go shopping and see a theatre show. When I was younger this was always so exciting, wondering what wonderful musicals I've heard so much about are going to be available for me to see and what imagination will take place on the stage.

In recent years this excitement has flagged with not many new and exciting musicals making their way to the West End, making it hard to decide whether to see a musical or not. It feels like local theatres and companies are taking it upon themselves to perform musicals there audiences would want to see and showing a variety of stuff. With that in mind when deciding to watch Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre in London I wasn't expecting much, there had been such a huge hype around this show (it'll close in February 2016) I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Ox Pasture Hall, Scarborough

January feels the most perfect month to treat yourself to a getaway, especially to blow away those Christmas blues. So back in November, I was asked whether I'd be up for staying at the Ox Pasture Hall, luxury Scarborough hotel in Yorkshire. A snoop at the pictures of the hotel online confirmed that I would like to go and visit. It felt like the perfect little getaway at the start of the year for us both to enjoy, who doesn't need some pampering at the weekend?

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