Created in 2014, Carpe Diem Emmie is a Midlands based Lifestyle, Theatre and Travel blog. Ran by Emmie, a 28 year old woman based in rural Leicestershire.

In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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Seven Restaurant & Cafe Bar, Derby.

If your in Derby then you may want to turn your attention to Seven, a stunning new restaurant and cafe bar which is setting the standard. When myself and Jordan (both huge foodies) were invited to their place to test out some of their food, of course we jumped at the chance.

Tips for Living with your Boyfriend.

Living with your boyfriend probably seems like something which is out of your conversations right now with your partner but for some that's something which is just around the corner. Initially the thought of leaving my parent's home and being with somebody 24/7 filled me with dread and nerves, I couldn't imagine leaving my little shell of home life.

10 months ago me and Jordan moved into our first home together as a couple, given it was a rented property but it's still the first house we shared together. Before Jordan, I had never lived with a partner before. The only experience I had was from uni and let's face it boys can be really messy and the experience left me nervous. Now we've been living together for a while I wanted to acknowledge the little things I've learnt along the way! I've read SO many blog posts and articles like this and wanted to bring my thoughts to the table too, I really hope you enjoy this.

Brunch Menu at OAKS, Nottingham.

So for starter we opted for the Baked Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and Toast along with some of their Pork Crackling. I thought the cheese was presented well on a slab of board and the flavour was incredible. However you need to eat it pretty swiftly as the cheese started to harden making it diffic…


I often say that I am tired, stressed or my head feels 'cloudy'. I put a hell of a lot of pressure on myself along with a hefty workload that I often don't say that I am struggling and need to say no to things.

I get up early every morning, get through my emails or housework before popping off to work at my first and then second job before I come home at 10pm and attempt to do some blogging/ spend time with my boyfriend. It's exhausting and there really isn't enough hours in the day, I often pray for them and currently having no such luck. I don't expect people to understand what it feels like putting so much on my plate but I'm hoping that'll they read this post and have a little more care. (Don't worry I'm working one of my jobs for much longer, I'm exhausted)

We all need a break sometimes, even if it is just for 30 mins a day just to take some time out. Breaks are good for you and your soul. I understand the importance of taking a break most suffering with migraines and anxiety on a daily basis.

I thought I would share some things you can do for half hour which help keep me calm on those kind of days. Maybe there'll be something that you haven't done in a while and it inspires you, who knows!

I hope you'll be spending some time today switching on that phone and having some time to calm. 

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