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Seven Restaurant & Cafe Bar, Derby.

Wheelwright Way, Derby DE24 8SQ, UK

If your in Derby then you may want to turn your attention to Seven, a stunning new restaurant and cafe bar which is setting the standard. When myself and Jordan (both huge foodies) were invited to their place to test out some of their food, of course we jumped at the chance.

Hidden just around the corner from Derby's Pride Park Stadium is Seven, from the outside what is seen as an office building completely surprised us to what was actually inside. Full of contemporary features everywhere Seven has the ability to instantly make you feel comfortable and as we took our seats at the bar for our first drink we decided to take in the atmosphere of the place.

I couldn't stop looking at the furniture, in particular the big lampshades that hung over each table in the restaurant. They were definitely Pinterest perfect. I wish I got more pictures of the place so you could see it for yourselves but I'll leave that for you as a surprise.

It's important to quickly add here that the absolute best part of the meal was our waiter, Gregg. He was so assertive, friendly and helpful with making the choices for our dinner. He really looked after us so huge thumbs up to Gregg for the best service throughout the service!

Now onto the food..

The starter honestly was the hardest decision for me, there was so much choice and it all sounded incredible. It was a tough decision between the soup and the mushroom dish (I'm really struggling to figure out what it was, eeek!) whilst Jordan quickly chose the Poachers Roll for his starter. The mushroom dish was full of flavour, in particular the garlic which was the strongest flavour. I enjoyed dipping the crusty bread into my dish, Jordan's Poachers Roll was very tasty, with the pastry fluffy and just right in ratio to the meat. The only niggle he had was that he wished the portion size was a bit bigger!!

Our main dishes were amazing! Jordan opted for the signature Seven Burger, a reasonably sacked burger full of flavour and comes with a great helping of fries and relish. The only problem was that there was a strong taste of charcoal which didn't make the dish as enjoyable as Jordan would have hoped.

I opted for the Chargrilled Chicken Satay, which was soft, full of flavour and came with a generous portion size. The dish was definitely completed perfectly with the sweet soy dressing that came on the side of the main. The dish itself had a really enjoyable flavour of coconut which complimented the dish well with the meat. It completely stuffed me and I found the dish difficult to finish, leaving enough room to obviously try a pudding.

Both myself and Jordan felt pretty stuffed of good food but decided to give their chocolate plate a go, it was Friday after all. The whole pudding was remarkable! I particularly enjoyed the cornflake cake with the nice helping of moose on top!

If your looking for somewhere to go for a nice date night or somewhere to celebrate your birthday with your friends and family then Seven is for sure the place to go! I would highly recommend them for their incredible staff, delicious food and contemporary aesthetic.

Seven Restaurant and Café Bar
Wheelwright Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8SQ
Disclaimer: This is a restaurant review. Dinner for me and a +1 was offered in exchange for an honest review on my blog. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own. I definitely recommend this place!


  1. Everything looks so good! Especially that huge burger! I'm so glad you decided to get dessert - all good meals enjoyed at cool restaurants requires dessert, in my opinion!

    xx, Caitlin

    1. Yeah they definitely do need a dessert, I feel bad if I don't get a dessert :S x

  2. I love this place! It's in such a random please isn't it? Took my granny for lunch there we loved it xx

    1. Yeah it's completely hidden away but the food is I N C R E D I B L E and so many more people should try it out!

      Em x


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