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Cineworld Loughborough

Old Hospital Court, Loughborough LE11 1TH, UK

There's a buzz growing in my local town of Loughborough and I'm really excited by it. Cineworld is amongst a host of new restaurants and bars heading into the new complex on Baxter Gate. Located in the site of the hold Baxter Gate which has been abandoned since 2003 now stands something brand new for the town and 250 jobs too! When I was invited to take a look at the brand new Cineworld I knew I had to pop over, I was curious to see what they could offer that stood apart from the Odeon Cinema in Loughborough which is just around the corner.

There was a real red carpet vibe about the evening, with two oscar-esque statues standing at the entrance! I also noticed the brand new Starbucks which sits within the Cineworld complex, can't wait to head there for some coffee and blogging time with fellow bloggers. As we got upstairs and were handed a glass of prosseco we started to take in the new building in all it's glory. 

It's a well presented building which offers eight screens, 1,118 seats for the audience to enjoy (and they're really comfy too!) I also took notice of the fact that there is some decent leg room to accompany those comfy seats too, important right? The staff were friendly, engaging with us and made it their responsibility that we enjoyed our evening.

I also absolutely LOVED the pre-screening of Me Before You, it was so heart wrenchingly beautiful and was a film I was dying to see when it was released. The characters were perfectly chosen and I couldn't see my eyes off the dresses that Lou's character was wearing. I would definitely give it a watch when it is released.

I am so excited for Cineworld and what it'll bring to a town that hosts a pretty fabulous university but a town that for many years felt forgotten and deserted. I can only hope that this is the start of a real buzz and improvement around Loughborough for the future.

I can't wait to spend many date nights and trips to the cinemas with my friend in such a lovely venue, go check it out!

Disclaimer: I was invited to the opening of Cineworld in Loughborough as well as an advance screening of Me Before You in return for this post to be published. The photos are credited to the photographer but all views are mine. 


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