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IDFB 2016 : Aakash Odedra & Sanjukta Sinha

Birmingham Hippodrome, Thorp St, Birmingham B5 4TB, UK

As the International Dance Festival in Birmingham draws to an end this weekend, I was really happy to be re-invited back amongst the buzz of it all to watch another performance. Now my knowledge of traditional Indian classical dance is quite small but it's definitely something I'm interested in and enjoy watching. I found this interest in the style a year ago so when I saw that two pretty big names in the world of Indian Dance were going to be performing in Birmingham I knew I had to give them a watch. The Patrick Centre within the Birmingham Hippodrome started to fill and it wasn't long until we released this was a sell out performance!

If your after a performance which is artistically and technically beautiful then these performers are certainly the ones you should be checking out. You couldn't take your eyes off neither of them as they moved across the stage, both filling it with her focus and technique. I thought the stage lighting and use of smoke machines really helped to emphasise their performance, as well as the microphones on the front of stage which could pick up their incredible movement with their feet.

You couldn't help but gaze at the articulation of movement in their hands, it was authentic and so beautiful. Aakash and Sanjukta both worked well with a variety of different tempos in speed, keeping their audience with them as they danced.

I would definitely urge you to go and watch some Indian Classical Dance if you ever have the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

I would like to thank DanceXChange for the opportunity to come along to their IDFB in Birmingham and review a couple of performances, I've thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to open my eyes to different styles of dance.
Disclaimer: I was invited to the performance of Aakash Odedra and Sanjukta Sinha by DanceXChange in return for this post to be published. The photos are credited to the photographer but all views are mine. 


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