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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

Wondering What To Read Next?

June 2016 Monthly Reads.

I've absolutely loved getting my motivation to read more recently.

With trips to the local library to inspire me and I no longer feel the guilt of not reading the books on my shelves, I'll get through them eventually and until then I'm having a buying book ban.

I've read 4 books during this month, I managed 3 in a time frame of a week and I've loved challenging myself to read more than one book at a time so I'm not getting bored. It's proving to be working.

I really hope I can continue this motivation and share with you the books I have read on a monthly basis. So here's my thoughts on what I read this month, enjoy.

The Kitchen @ The Cookie, Leicester.

photo source : here

The Cookie is a pretty exciting venue in Leicester City Centre. Whilst it is a coffee shop by day, in the evening The Cookie really alive into a artsy bar with live music and comedy available too. Within The Cookie on the first floor is The Attic. Opened in June 2015, The Attic is a Cocktail and Gin Bar. There's an amazing mixture of cocktails and contemporary Gins for you to get into and is a really nice space to try something new.

The musical and visual ethos of The Cookie is reflected through every floor and it was such a lovely venue to be in.

So when I was invited along with a group of local bloggers to try out the newest additions of the summer menu I couldn't resist.

10 Places I'd Like To Visit In The UK.

This is one of those post ideas that strikes you when you least expect it and feels genius and something to be excited about.

In fact it just got me thinking about the places in my home country I need to explore and with summer holidays just a few weeks away I just hope I can explore some of these places further. 

I'd love to share my 10 PLACES I'D LIKE TO VISIT IN THE UK with you. Some of these are places I have probably visited but haven't properly digested (or I was too young to probably remember going there) 

The inner traveller in me wants to explore these places, to find the gemstones amongst our country and share it's beauty with everybody else. 

These are in no particular order.

REVIEW | Jane Eyre, Northern Ballet

Jane Eyre is without a doubt of literature's most well-known heroines. Within the year that marks the novel's author, Charlotte Bronte's 200th birthday, choreographer Cathy Marston creates a contemporary reworking of the classic novel in contemporary/ballet style with a well known and …

REVIEW | Atomos,Wayne McGregor

I feel like the amount of Dance that Leicester is allowing us to be able to watch and be a part of is growing by the minute and for me this is awesome. As someone who has a real interest in Dance and what it does for our culture and education I think it's important to review and talk about that Dance that Leicester are showing us in the hope it'll create new and excitable audiences through the doors of theatre's and dance spaces all over my home city.

Wayne Mc Gregor is a iconic contemporary choreographer who for the last 20 years has created dance work which questions the relationship between art and science through the body and mind. With the development of technology so visible to our everyday life it's something which soon integrates into dance and provides something new and exciting for us to see as audiences. This work is what has made Wayne McGregor such a forefront of contemporary dance and I was so excited to watch his company perform, because I hadn't already.

Bakewell, Derbyshire

When Ali came over to stay for the weekend a couple of weeks ago we decided to take a trip to Bakewell in Derbyshire. It was an area I had heard of but hadn't really visited and I've had a growing curiosity over the little wonders within the Peak District. I wanted to share with you the photographs I took whilst I visited and the cute little tea room we found to enjoy some tea and cake (always a must right?).

Foodies Festival, Birmingham

The Foodies Festival is the UK's biggest series of food festivals and now in it's 11th year. It tours the country, starting in Brighton and tours through different cities throughout the Summer. It's an amazing day out with the chance to see Michelin starred and top chefs signature recipes in the Chefs Theatre and top bakers show us their skills in the Cake & Bake Theatre. You can also taste wine, champagne and craft beer in the Drinks Theatre. I was gutted I didn't realise about the Drinks Theatre until the later part of the event, I would have loved sampling various wines and understanding what suits each dish. 

Evening Spa Experience at Ragdale Hall, Leicester

What's some time with your girlfriends without a trip to the spa? So with one of my closest blogger friends Ali from Ali Caitrin coming to stay at the weekend I decided to see if I could get us a spa date in the diary. My local spa is Ragdale Hall, near Melton Mowbary and it's been on my list of places to visit since I can remember so when they asked whether we'd like to have a go at their new Evening Spa Experience package I knew we had to go.

Ragdale Hall is located in the Leicestershire countryside, combining state of the art facilities with traditional Victorian architecture to become one of the most luxurious and relaxing health spas available in the county. So whether you are looking for some well-needed me-time and pampering or you'd like to have some well needed relaxing time with your loved ones, Ragdale Hall assures us it's the spa to visit. It has a massive range of spa treatments to suit your every needs, and with the prices of their 13 different day packages ranging from £49 to £225 for our Ultimate Day deluxe package, there are great value options available for everyone. They also do spa breaks too which means you can make your experience into a slumber party! (awesome right!) this starts at £325 per person for two nights and includes all meals, treatments and full use of their facilities. With so much to prove let's get on with talking about our experience.

Bella Italia, Loughborough.

I wrote a post recently about the opening of Cineworld Loughborough and tell you how exciting it was to have a brand new complex with a new cinema and a few exciting restaurants too. Having Baxter Gate available in Loughborough is really exciting and I'm keen to give my approval of all the new exciting restaurants Loughborough now has to offer. Last week I made a visit to Bella Italia, as a big lover of Italian food and excited by the prospect of a Bella Italia being so close to home I couldn't wait to see what they had to offer.

My All Time Favourite Children’s Books!

As a big book lover it wasn't long before I would produce a post of My All Time Favourite Children's Books! It's been something I have wanted to produce on this blog for a quite while now and I've loved reading other posts like it, especially the ones from bloodyhellbrennan  and Little Miss Katy. 

Even as a adult I still love children's stories and how authors captivate the imaginations of children. It must be more difficult to produce children's stories that grasps young people, especially with the rise of technology being all around them.

Hopefully they realise like a lot of my generation there is nothing better than a fresh book from a bookshop or going into your local library for your next read.

So I decided to visit my local library to help me source out those favourite books it reminded me of all the stories I've read in years gone by and what ones have stayed with me since. Here are my favourite all time favourite children's books, in no order. I really hope this brings back some reading memories for you too.

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