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The Kitchen @ The Cookie, Leicester.

68 High Street, City Centre, Leicester LE1 5YP, UK
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The Cookie is a pretty exciting venue in Leicester City Centre. Whilst it is a coffee shop by day, in the evening The Cookie really alive into a artsy bar with live music and comedy available too. Within The Cookie on the first floor is The Attic. Opened in June 2015, The Attic is a Cocktail and Gin Bar. There's an amazing mixture of cocktails and contemporary Gins for you to get into and is a really nice space to try something new.

The musical and visual ethos of The Cookie is reflected through every floor and it was such a lovely venue to be in.

So when I was invited along with a group of local bloggers to try out the newest additions of the summer menu I couldn't resist.

The Kitchen is the newest additions to The Cookie and officially launched in January 2016 and is ran by Nicholas Towarianskjj.

We also was treated to trying out some of their cocktails from The Attic (because no menu tasting is complete without some awesome cocktails to wash the food down with!) My favourite was the Rhubarb Crumble Cocktail, it was like having a dessert as a cocktail, amazing!

First off on the tasting menu for the evening was from their selection of brunch, the Salt Beef Hash. The first thing was the smell, it smelled amazing! The dish came in a little pan containing salt beef which was tender and cooked how I like it, roasted potatoes, beans, caramelised onions topped off with the smallest fried egg. It was finished off with toast because you can't have brunch without toast. I really enjoyed this dish, it was full of flavours and such an unexpected delicious dish for me. I would absolutely love eating this for brunch, it was a great portion size and really satisfying.

Next up on the menu was the lunch options with samples of two of the toasted sandwiches available at The Kitchen, presented with some slaw too. There was a Chorizo and Pepper sandwich which was full of absolute flavour and full of colour too. The bread both sandwiches were served on was an absolute hint with everybody - being perfectly toasted to give good crunch! But can we talk about the Mushroom, Spinach and Goats Cheese Sandwich, it was so so good! It was definitely my favourite product of the night. Not usually a fan of goat's cheese this completely changed my opinion and all products complimenting each other so well! It was full of flavour and I would definitely purchase this product again. The sandwiches are part of a deal where you can get homemade crisps and a soft or hot drink during lifetime for £5! That's a bargain in my eyes so I'll definitely get good use of that bargain if your ever in Leicester (even cheaper than a meal deal from any chain cafe like Costa, incredible!). There's also a few other sandwiches on offer for you to get your taste buds into too!

Finally it was onto sampling the burger menus. Burgers are absolutely everywhere within the Leicester food circle so it's always difficult to find somebody that stands above the rests and offers new and exciting flavours too.

First up was a Sweet Potato and Halloumi burger which on first impressions on reading the menu I thought I would enjoy. The product in all was not to my taste and I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped, however, Halloumi is always good so I enjoyed that. However, the Buffalo burger was a complete hit! It was a well cooked chicken with balanced spicy rub which I surprisingly enjoyed. It wasn't long until we all noticed that we needed to get a knife and fork at hand to be able to eat the products, they were so messy! A good burger is a messy burger though right?

All in all a really delicious menu is on offer at The Kitchen @ The Cookie in Leicester with affordable prices and great passion and research behind every product. You will not be disappointed by its presentation, flavour and surprise.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the menu at The Kitchen at The Cookie in Leicester in return for this post to be published by Cool As Leicester PR. The photos are credited to the photographer but all views are mine. Thanks to the team at The Cookie and Cool as Leicester PR for inviting us to the event. 


  1. This looks like such a nice menu! The toasted sandwiches look really good but it's a shame about the sweet potato burger because I would have liked that too haha! Looks like a nice place overall though :) xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. The chef took everyone's feedback on board about the sweet potato burger, so expect improvements soon Samantha!


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