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In the day Emmie works in a primary school where she is passionate about inclusion and mental health. In the evening she escapes to the cultural world.

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25 Things I Know at 25.

So here we are, I'm 25. A quarter of a century old, I don't even feel that old and it felt like just 10 minutes ago I was entering the 'adult' phrase of my life. I don't feel 25 or that I'm even adult enough.

When you read this I'll be on my way to either the farm with friends or Glamping with my boyfriend, and drowning my sorrows of how old I am becoming!

25 feels like a mature age, feels like I should be settled and ready for kids and marriage (let me tell you I'm not). Well I guess I am nearly there with my boyfriend living in our rented property in a house in a little village and on my first steps of my career - I wouldn't have it any other way. Well I would like a pet at the end of the year, I guess if your not ready for kids pets are the next thing. I'm definitely not where I imagined I'd be at 25.

I wanted to share what I've learnt about myself, and life, so far..

*50 Films I Loved As A Kid (And Still Do!)

I am really enjoying hunting through nostalgic YouTube footage to source the content for the blog posts this week, my birthday week.

As I turn 25 I reflect on 25 years of my life and films I often watched regularly comes into my conversations, because I loved so many (and still do!) If I could then I would turn back time to enjoy them over and over again.

I've formulated my list of 50 films I loved as a kid for you today, which was a pretty easy process as soon as one popped into my head so did another.

I share some wonderful memories of watching these films so I've shared those as well as trailers for the films chosen. Your going to need a big cup of tea and a couple of biscuits for this blog post as it's a pretty long one. These are just in alphabetical order.

REVIEW | Rent, The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham.

RENT continues to be one of my all time favourite musicals and having already planned to see it in the London West End when it arrives later in the year for Christmas. I was so excited when I heard that The Old Rep Theatre was opening a production of it in Birmingham and even better when I was invi…

50 90/00's TV Shows I Loved As A Kid.

I'm turning 25 this Friday and I thought what better way to talk about it on my blog with a bit of nostalgia of my childhood, after all 25 is a bit of a chapter in your life (after turning 21 of course!)

 Inspired by the lovely Nicole over at Through Your Eyes Blog, she recently wrote the post 50 TV SHOWS I LOVED AS A KID and I couldn't stop thinking about it and discussing the TV shows I loved as a kid. 

I truly believe that in the 90s and early 00s the TV Programmes were just top of their game for children and myself like other children couldn't wait to finish school and watch their favourites. Before the introduction of the internet and such wonderful things as MSN, TV was one of the main ways we entertained our younger selves. 

I absolutely loved constructing this list of 50 TV SHOWS I LOVED AS A KID along with some GIFS (obviously!)

York Dungeons, York.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by the Branston Beans team about their new collaboration with Merlin Entertainments and was invited to experience one of their attractions. The primary thought was to go to Thorpe Park but with a massive fear of rollercoasters we opted for a trip to York to experience the York Dungeons.

My 'pre visit judgement' on attractions like The York Dungeons are that I nearly always avoid them as an option for something to do. I just tend to believe they won't be that good and could possibly be quite tacky.

Having experienced the York Dungeons it has completely changed my perception and it was something I would definitely experience again and urge others to do too. 

Mexico, Derby.

I friggin' love Mexican food, probably more so now than ever before. I think I've mentioned my love for Mexican food on a regular basis recently and I have 0 regrets.

Since attending the opening event of Mexico last month [you can read that post here], I knew I would return to dine there in a matter of weeks.

So when my friend Kirsty from Kirsty Ralph (you should check her blog out, it's one of my favourites!) won a meal for four through a Instagram competition they ran during their launch event, we got it all booked and headed over their for a perfect way to kickstart the weekend.

Salford UDance 2016.

Without a shadow of a doubt UDance is one of my favourite weekends of the year.

In a time where there is lack of support for dance from our government and in parts of our society, UDance is a time when we unite and celebrate all what dance is. The young people that participate in UDance come from 20 different counties across the UK showing why it’s important to be available in every corner of our country and a show a stance of unity towards it. 

As part of my National Ambassador role for One Dance UK these last 12 months I successfully applied to support the event again in Salford, Manchester between the 8-10 July.

Bodega, Leicester.

Monday 11th July saw the tastes, colours and carnival atmosphere of South America arrive in Leicester with the opening of Bodega Cantina in St Martin’s Square. Nestled amongst an area of different restaurants and bars, I wonder what Bodega has to offer to it’s new customers in an exciting phrase of Leicester’s dining experiences. 

So when myself and a bunch of my local Leicester bloggers were invited to a launch event evening I couldn’t wait to give it my verdict. 

On the plus side it was the perfect excuse to hang out with some of my closest friends. 

REVIEW | The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Curve Theatre

Who here hasn't heard of the musical The Rocky Horror Show during their lifetime?
I first saw the 1975 film at a friend's house party whilst at college and I was instantly hooked to it, especially the costumes and the songs.
But the musical itself is so much more than a performance, it'…

*MexiCO, Derby.

A couple of years ago exploring new places in a room full of people I don't know would have crippled me with anxiety and I probably would have ended up not going. It's crazy what time does for you and recently I've been able to experience some pretty amazing things. One of them without a doubt was when I was invited to the opening of the brand new MexiCO restaurant at the Intu Centre in Derby. What a night!

Centro Lounge, Loughborough

Having already test driven two new editions to the new Baxter Gate complex in my hometown of Loughborough there was another one to tick off the list, Centro Lounge. Decorated with upcycled furniture, statement lighting and retro styled artwork all over the floors it’s a place that definitely has a unique style to it. Centro Lounge can seat up to 100 of its guest inside as well as an extra 37 seats being available on the outside.  So when myself and Jordan were invited to try out their main menu I was looking forward to giving this edgy place my thoughts!

10 Top Shows I'd Like To See In London's West End.

source : Telegraph

Going to the West End has been one of my favourite things to do ever since I first saw Kiss Me Kate back in 2001 on a trip with my dancing friends, which feels like ages ago now.

Since then I have loved going back year and after and immersing myself into the wonderful world of Theatre and the incredible shows that London has to offer. 

Obviously in recent years I've took trips to my more local theatres but there's still nothing like taking a trip down to London, especially if it also includes wondering around the city too.

So when the guys at TheatreTickets.UK got into contact with me to say they'd like to work with me in creating asked me to list the '10 Top Shows I'd Like To See In London's West End' it was pretty much a good excuse to browse into what was on and realise that I haven't seen a show in a while and need to revisit London very soon! 

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