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25 Things I Know at 25.

Leicester, UK

So here we are, I'm 25. A quarter of a century old, I don't even feel that old and it felt like just 10 minutes ago I was entering the 'adult' phrase of my life. I don't feel 25 or that I'm even adult enough.

When you read this I'll be on my way to either the farm with friends or Glamping with my boyfriend, and drowning my sorrows of how old I am becoming!

25 feels like a mature age, feels like I should be settled and ready for kids and marriage (let me tell you I'm not). Well I guess I am nearly there with my boyfriend living in our rented property in a house in a little village and on my first steps of my career - I wouldn't have it any other way. Well I would like a pet at the end of the year, I guess if your not ready for kids pets are the next thing. I'm definitely not where I imagined I'd be at 25.

I wanted to share what I've learnt about myself, and life, so far..

1. You won't ever get into the hype/routine of regularly going to the gym. Stick to what you know and what works for you. Even if that means waiting for the release of Pokemon GO when your 24 to do some more regular exercise, at least your doing it. Go girl!
2. I can finally shave my legs without making them bleed.
3. Don't be negative about working in the hospitality/catering because some of the skills will help you for life and build your character. Since 17 I have had loads of jobs as a waitress to pay my rent or towards travel to do opportunities, despite serving absolute assholes, it's installed a strong work ethic within me and taught me the lost art of politeness. (assholes take note!)  
4. Social media brings out the worst in us. Sure, it's great for connecting everyone, especially those you met at university and showing you all of the fun times you had. However, you don't need reminding me of that guy you met on a drunken night out at uni, the awful pictures of you growing up and those cringey update status 'I love my boyfriend so so much' - Emma get a grip!
Thanks for Timehop for continuing to remind me that they exist.  
5. Friendships become more based on quality, rather than quality. I got myself in a right mess of meeting up with friends who would always bang on about their own lives or who never really communicate with you at all. I did eventually ask myself why they were still in my life - because you do outgrow friendships and that's ok. I made a point of having friends who really care and support me, and yes sometimes that might be a small handful. You'll also meet friends in the oddest of circumstances, but who quickly become friends for life.
6.  Time with those friends becomes so much more precious and important. Going out-out is less about looking for guys and more about catching up over a few glasses of Prosecco, a good mojito (a must with my blogging friends) or mug of coffee. Everyone has time to sit and catch up with their friends for a few hours, don't let this opportunities pass you by. 

 7. Mums do know best not about everything. But that advice and that bad boyfriend I had - yeah I left him and felt so much better afterwards. Lesson? Listen to Mum. Family in itself is really important. 
8. Saving money also gets harder, not easier. Each month you need coffee dates, a bottle of wine for those tough days at work or just to buy some useless crap that you often wonder why you brought in the first place. Maybe now I'm 25 I'll start saving better. You'll also learn to love bath bombs from Lush! 
9. Having a boyfriend isn't the most important thing growing up and you don't need to get with crappy boys to get some attention. It's more important to put yourself first and learn to love yourself. Eventually you'll find a good guy. 
10. Don't panic when you graduate from university and realise you don't have your life together or your dream career sorted. You still had a great 3 years of memories and came out with a degree and some incredible friendships (and a love for Sambucca!)
11. If there is something in your life which isn't making you particularly happy, change it. The amount of times I've felt better after making a few changes in my life, whether they are big or small. 
 12. Life continues to feel like school no matter how hard you try and avoid it. Even at 25 there are still cliques, girls gossip and people will genuinely won't like me for no reason at all. The good news from this? I learn to care less.
13. The things which make you happy are simplistic things like a vase of fresh flowers, new candle or notebook from TKMAXX. TKMAXX is a dream store for a 25 year old too. 
14. If you have a passion about something, don't wait for it to happen because it probably never will, you need to go get it yourself. I've always wanted to stay within the arts, even though statistics are against me and some people don't think it's a 'safe option'. I'm proud of myself for continue to chase my dream and undertake the opportunities that I do. 
15. Trust your gut. A couple of years ago I suffered really bad with my anxiety and I was handed medication to 'fix' it. I've never took the medication properly because it didn't feel right for me. I've changed my attitude to life, thrown myself out of my comfort zone and not took on too much in my life. I still have bad days but now I can handle it a lot better. 
16. You'll never understand the actions of people, don't overthink it.

17. Life passes you quickly. Losing a few people and having to deal with the grief that comes with that was tough, those memories are always the most negative. But it's also taught me to seize each day and make the most of the opportunities I have.
18. Remember when you was at school and you were bullied? Those bullies made you a strong, sassy lady with big dreams. Thanks guys for never dampening my spirit! 
19. SPF is your skin's best friend. Ask the individual who's spent a lot of her time recently getting sunburn from the heatwave we've had in the UK and realising that skin damage is a serious thing and I need to take better care.
20. As much as the internet is fab, you need some time for self care. That means turning off your phone for the duration of a evening and doing all the other things you enjoy. 
21. Our health is so so important and looking after yourself should become a top priority. I genuinely try and take care of myself more these days. Eating better and not pushing myself too much has an amazing effect on my mental health and motivation.

22. Don't make huge to-do lists of 20 jobs because your more than likely not going to bother completing any. Set yourself 5 days in a goal and good luck! 
23. Sometimes there's nothing better for your mental health than dancing around the room to your favourite tunes! 
24. I know my secret to a good night's kip. I have to sleep in a pitch-black room and I will be at ease once I know all of the doors are locked up. I also can't sleep without a goodnight cuddle from the boyfriend, if he hasn't given me one expect a grump girlfriend in the morning.
25. You still have time to accomplish all that you want to do. Just get out there!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'm now off for a internet detox weekend in a bell tent in Lincolnshire with the boyfriend. I'll be back on Monday with another post, thanks for being such an amazing audience!


  1. I love this post Emma (sorry I'm just catching up!) some life lessons already learned and great tips for everyone here. Looking after yourself, spending time with loved ones and enjoying the little things is what its all about.

    1. Thanks Steph, especially the one about looking after my skin from now on ;) bloody sunburn!

      Emmie x

  2. I adore this post! I think I'm going to keep this saved to look back on when I need a little reminder about life :)

    Sarah xo // seethestars.co.uk

    1. Ah thankyou Sarah, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I like posts like this myself that are motivating :)

      Emmie x

  3. I really enjoyed this post thank you! I'm about to turn 24 in just a few days, I feel as if all these things are already relevent to me. It's so nice to know it's not just you out there who doesn't have everything completely figured out yet.

    1. Happy Birthday (not sure if you've had it already!) Yeah course, I think it's fine that by 24/25 we're still figuring out things :) it'll all happen in due course and there's no rush!

      Emmie x

  4. Number 3, number 3, number 3!

    Mel ★ www.meleaglestone.co.uk

    1. Glad you enjoyed number 3 :-) It was one of my favourite posts in July!


  5. I really love this post! I'm 19 but I feel like some of these already apply to me somehow. Especially about the friends thing and the crappy jobs. Mums certaintly know everything! From Louise at http://louiselovesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ Xx

    1. Thanks for your comment Louise and enjoying this post. I'm glad some of these points are already relating to you even if your 19, that's great! :D

      Emmie | www.carpediememmie.co.uk


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