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50 90/00's TV Shows I Loved As A Kid.

I'm turning 25 this Friday and I thought what better way to talk about it on my blog with a bit of nostalgia of my childhood, after all 25 is a bit of a chapter in your life (after turning 21 of course!)

 Inspired by the lovely Nicole over at Through Your Eyes Blog, she recently wrote the post 50 TV SHOWS I LOVED AS A KID and I couldn't stop thinking about it and discussing the TV shows I loved as a kid. 

I truly believe that in the 90s and early 00s the TV Programmes were just top of their game for children and myself like other children couldn't wait to finish school and watch their favourites. Before the introduction of the internet and such wonderful things as MSN, TV was one of the main ways we entertained our younger selves. 

I absolutely loved constructing this list of 50 TV SHOWS I LOVED AS A KID along with some GIFS (obviously!)

1. Round The Twist.
'Have you ever, ever felt like this how strange things happen by going round the twist' honestly the theme itself will probably remind you of this programme! 

2. Rugrats.

3. Hey Arnold! 
He had a pretty cool hairstyle and you can never say the title without using the theme tune!

4. CatDog

5. Johnny Bravo

6. The Powerpuff Girls

7. Get Your Own Back

8. Tracy Beaker
Who else found Justine Littlewood just an annoying child?!

9. Dexter's Laboratory
10. Come Outside
Who doesn't remember Pippin the dog? I remember watching this in primary school

11. PB&J Otter

12. Rocket Power

13. Kenan & Kel

14. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

15. The Worst Witch

16. The Wild Thornberry's

17. Even Stevens

18. The Demon Headmaster

19. The Queen's Nose
I'm sure i'm not the only person who hoped to find a magical 50p!

20. As Told by Ginger 

21. The Magic Schoolbus

22. Barney and Friends

23. Arthur 
Who also watched this first thing every morning? It still airs at 7am everyday, I attempt to try and watch it still.

24. Pingu

25. Rosie and Jim

26. Brum

27. Bernard's Watch

28. Rupert

29. Oakie Doke 

30. The Animals of Farthing Wood

31. Postman Pat 

32. Noahs Island

33. Pepper Ann

34. Saved By The Bell

35. Doug

36. Pinky and The Brain

37. Spot

38. Spider in the bath! 
Awesome programme if you hated spiders growing up!

39. Funny Bones

40. ZZZAP!

41. Mona The Vampire

42. Dennis the Menace

43. Bodger and Badger
Me and my sister definitely had a mash potato fight when we were younger.

44. ChuckleVision

45. Brum

46. Funhouse

47. Art Attack

48. Kim Possible

49.  Phineas and Ferb

50. Noddy
The original theme tune is FAR BETTER than that new one!

I really hope you enjoyed some of these shows just as much as I did, please tell me about anymore of your favourites or any particular episodes from my list you enjoyed! It was so much fun watching episodes on YouTube whilst forming this list.


  1. I LOVED reading this! I'd completely forgotten about a bunch of these shows but oh my god they are the best!! Round the Twist and Bodger and Badger! Awesome :) Thank you for sharing :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  2. SO MANY FAVOURITES. I'm definitely going to have the Oakie Doke theme in my head now...

    Meg | Elmpetra

  3. Oh my gosh this was a total flashback! Noddy was such a classic and I was obsessed with Postman Pat! x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  4. Oh my god! I loved so many of these shows when I was little. I had Rosie and Jim dolls and I loved then. Zzzzzzap was my jam, and I thought Pippin from Come Outside was THE CUTEST dog with her little flying goggles

  5. Awh this is a lovely post! Made me remember so many programmes I had forgotten about. Save by the Bell was my favourite!!



  6. Ha ha I'm going to be singing Round the Twist all day now. :) Awesome

  7. OMG yes to so many of these! I actually did a post like this before and so many of these were on my list!! ­čśé­čśé­čśé great post and so many memories xx

  8. Arthur! Hey, hey! This made me feel so nostalgic! Tracy Beaker (the actual girl haha) recently had a baby, do you think the Dad is Bouncer or Lol?

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  9. Loveee this, I loved bodger and badger and Sabrina the teenage witch! I also used to love two of a kind and sister, sister! x


  10. Love all of these =]



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