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Bodega, Leicester.

6 Saint Martins Square, ST. MARTIN’S SQUARE, Leicester LE1 5DF, United Kingdom

Monday 11th July saw the tastes, colours and carnival atmosphere of South America arrive in Leicester with the opening of Bodega Cantina in St Martin’s Square. Nestled amongst an area of different restaurants and bars, I wonder what Bodega has to offer to it’s new customers in an exciting phrase of Leicester’s dining experiences. 

So when myself and a bunch of my local Leicester bloggers were invited to a launch event evening I couldn’t wait to give it my verdict. 

On the plus side it was the perfect excuse to hang out with some of my closest friends. 

Bodega Leicester is the third Bodega Cantina to open it’s doors in the Midlands. With both of the other establishments at Birmingham and Worcester being open within the last 6 years it’s great that Leicester is being added to that list.

All the food available at Bodega is cooked using fresh, authentic and easy going South American dishes from countries throughout the continent so if you enjoy Mexican food as much as I do then you are definitely in the right place here! 

Their menu delivers the popular street food favourites like Nachos, Quesadillas and Burritos. I couldn’t get enough of the Brazilian staple dish, Xim Xim which is a dish that serves chicken and prawns in a thick creamy sauce, served with nachos and rice on the side. It was packed full of flavour and was something that I could definitely eat over and over again.

All of the food really enjoyable, packed full of flavour and well presented, I was so impressed with it all. 

What’s a South American place without a range of freshly prepared cocktails to go with it? 

The firm favourites like Margaritas and Mojitos will have you in the perfect mood. I’m excited that they also offer a raspberry and white chocolate Mojito which is worth a visit in itself to try out, that’s my plan anyway! Tequila is central to the drinks on offer at Bodega and with tasting boards available the Bodega team are “keen to educate customers on how to sip and savour tequila and gain a real appreciation for it’s finer flavours” said their General Manager Benjamin Le Gros.

It is limited to it’s space but we soon were told there’s a function room upstairs which had a beautiful graffiti styled mural across one wall. Therefore It would be a perfect venue for a function and also some pretty great snaps for your Instagram too! ;)

I definitely felt like I was in the South American vibe with the colourful décor hitting you as soon as you walk into the place, Bodega had definitely got their decor on the nail! 

I couldn’t compliment the venue more. If you’re a firm favourite of the South American vibe than you will not be disappointed by Bodega’s approach to be authentic and colourful in St Martin’s Square! You’ll have an amazing time, it’s definitely going to make it’s mark in Leicester and I really look forward to dining there in the future.

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the launch evening at Bodega in Leicester in return for this post to be published. The photos and views are mine so it's not cool to take and edit it as your own. Thanks to the Bodega team in Leicester for a fantastic experience. 


  1. Love the pictures - this place looks lovely and really keen to try it out next time I'm in the area

    Mel ★ meleaglestone.co.uk

    1. Ah thankyou Mel, you should definitely check it out if your ever in the area! I've already booked it as the venue to celebrate my 25th with my friends!

      Emmie x


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